200 Follower Q&A Answers!

Hey y’all! Thank you all so much  for your questions, I’m just going to get right into this post, so here we go!

Vrushali 21 asked: What superpower do you wish you had? And what is your secret ambition (it will not be a secret after you tell us!), it can be anything from you want to rob a bank or you want to dress like the statue of liberty or even meet The Spice Girls! It could be anything!

I wish I had the superpower to fill things up. Like my bank account, or my fridge. And my secret ambition would have to be to go to a fancy masquerade ball. Get to dance with some mysterious guy 😉 

Ruth asked: What do you love most about summer? Who would you call first if you won the lottery?

My favorite thing about summer is being able to go camping and boating and stuff like that. And I would probably call my friend Lauren first if I won the lottery. 

Jerrod asked:  You’re trapped in your friend’s body! Which friend you want your soul/consciousness to be trapped in?

Hmm, I’d have to say Lauren again. We’re with each other all the time so no one would question why I’m following my body around xD Also because I could so do something crazy to get her blamed for it… 😉 jk love you Lauren…. (I know you’re reading this. Hi Ryann, too) 

Iridescence asked: What was the reason you started blogging in the first place?

You know, I honestly don’t have a good answer. I don’t really remember. It was sort of just a why the heck not, it’d be fun and it’s a new year kind of thing. 

Luna asked:  What do you fear the most? What’s a skill you want to learn and why? And if you could witness any event of the past/present/future, which would it be?:)

I fear disappointment the most. And I want to learn how to play piano since it’ll help me alot with music, not just cello . Dang this is a hard question. I would probably have to say the second coming when Jesus comes back to Earth. 

InfinitMagic asked: Do you love me? ;D

No, no I do not love you. What kind 0f question is this, of course I love you! 

YoursTrulyKK asked: If you were invisible for a day what would you do?

Okay, I have two answers to this one. First, I would find and Iron Man suit and take one. And 2nd, I would go to a funeral and pretend to be the dead person. It’s terrible I know! But you could like knock on the coffin and be like, “Let me out!” Oh my gosh that’s so horrible.. but hilarious. 

DramaLlama2016 asked: What is the best way to kill and dispose of a body in your perspective?;)

Well, the best way to kill someone is to take an empty syringe and push it into the vein between the toes. It mimics a heart attack, and the needle point is very hard to find. The best way to dispose of a body, doesn’t really matter if you kill them this way. But if you use an alternate method, acid is a good option. (I watch Criminal Minds, okay?!) 

Selfie asked: Would you rather invest in some damn fine speakers or just live off your headphones / earphones😛? Who/ what can make you smile no matter what?
Reveal a deep dark secret of yours 😄 ;P sorry for going so deep into the game with that😄

I would rather just live off of headphones I think, I can stand my normal speaker just fine. And my baby cousin can make me smile no matter what. Hmm.. a deep dark secret of mine… I had my first kiss at 13 and my friends didn’t find out until 2 years later… yeah they weren’t happy to say the least.. my mom found out about 2 weeks ago actually xD


I hope you all liked this! Again, thanks for the support!

Love y’all!-Aspen AKA The Author




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