5 Scientists Killed By Their Own Inventions: A Guest Post!

Hey guys! I’m super excited to be doing my first guest post on AKA The Author! This post was written by Madeline from The Talk With Moi, make sure ya go check it out 🙂 And here we go!


When we think of scientists, we think of those old guys with crazy white hair exploding everything. Now that is so far from the truth. Scientists go to work to figure out stuff and make the world a better place which can sometimes put them in a dangerous situation. Today I want talk about 5 scientists who were killed by their own inventions.

1. Scientist dies from blood transfusion while trying to achieve eternal youth
Alexander Bogdanov was the co-founder of the Bolshevik Party with Vladimir Lenin, but he was later kicked out. Now of course like any man who gets kicked out of his OWN party does, he switched to medicine. While he was pursuing his career in medicine, he tried to create a universal science discipline called tektology but of course that didn’t work. By 1920 one experiment caught his eye, and that experiment was blood transfusion. He wanted to achieve eternal youth by having multiple blood transfusions. By his 11 transfusion, he claimed that his eyesight was improved and his baldness has stopped, so he continued. Sadly, for him one of the blood transfusions was from a student who was suffering from Malaria and Tuberculosis. The irony of this story is that the student who had Malaria and Tuberculosis made a full recovery.

2. Marie curie dies from exposure of Radium and Polonium.

Marie curie won two noble prizes for her discovery Radium and Polonium which led to the discovery of X-Rays. Her discovery of these elements meant that she spent hours and hours exposing herself to these deadly chemical which eventually led her to die of Leukemia in 1934.

3. A French inventor creates a parachute clothes
A French inventor named Franz Reichelt invented a parachute that is on your clothes. Now to test his invention he climbed the Eiffel tower, because jumping from a safe height is just unheard of. Now as you might have guessed by now his invention didn’t work, so he plummeted to his death, and no there was no way he could have survived that. I don’t understand why scientist feel the need to take things to the extreme. My sane self would have probably used a dummy, because 1) I’m afraid of heights and 2) It is dangerous! And if you all were wondering if they have a video on that just go search it up on YouTube. This one actually made me really sad, but I was kind of relived when I learned he died of  a heart Attack during the fall instead of dying from the fall itself. 
4. Died from a printing press

William Bullock is the inventor of the web rotary printing press. One day William was trying to “kick” the driving belt onto the pulley, but sadly his leg got caught in the machine and was crushed. Nine days after this horrible incident, Doctors were trying to amputate his let but it had infected with Gangrene.

5. Strangled by ropes

Thomas Midgley Jr. was an American engineer and chemist who developed additives for gasoline as well as 100 other inventions.  Sadly, at the age of 51 he contracted Polio which forced him to a wheel chair and unable to get out of bed without help. Of course like every great scientist he didn’t let his disability get in his way. He created a system of pulleys with rope that would lift him of his bed without any human help. Now this invention worked, but on one fateful day the ropes on the pulleys entangled him and he was strangled to death.
Now this really makes me wonder what would the world be like today if these scientists haven’t died. Would we be able to achieve eternal youth or at least partial youth? Or would we have parachute clothes? Let me know in the comments below.
– Madeline from The Talk with Moi


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