The Apps I Use In A Day!

Hey y’all! So a few weeks ago I took a screenshot of every app that I used in a day, and I’m going to show them to you now 🙂 screenshot_2016-04-25-22-42-56.png

The first “app” I use is just my text messages. The top four usually don’t change seeing as they’re my best friends (even my mom).


The next app I use is Google Hangouts. I’ve been talking to a fellow blogger, Gioia a TON recently and she’s great. Check out her blog here! I’ve also had a lot of fun getting to know all the other people I will be collabing with on the Artistics.


Snapchat has been one of my favorite apps lately since Laur and I love to have weird face contests. This is actually my personal snapchat, but if you want to see my blog snapchat, the username is akatheauthor.

screenshot_2016-04-25-22-44-27.pngThen for debate I had to open up my teacher’s website 🙂


Then for seminary we were reading in Jeremiah, (I have now finished the Old Testament, wooh!)


Also for seminary, we were talking about the 10 Commandments and so I was making sure I knew all of them on our church’s website


And then of course I had to open WordPress to read all your amazing posts 🙂


This is a coloring app I picked up, and I’ve now finished a bunch of drawings. It’s a really fun game to have on the go!


After school I always talk to Sam O.Bscure and then I have a group chat with Fibit and Colby.


The last “app” I used was just the normal phone thing to call people obviously XD


I hope y’all enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading! Love y’all- Aspen AKA The Author


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