GUYS! What?? This is crazy!!

So, about a few days ago, I opened my blog email to find something absolutely crazy. A major blog, called My Trending Stories invited me to become an author on their blog. I was immediately so excited, and jumped at the opportunity to join!

My Trending Stories, is a blog that’s open to every topic (that’s not harmful or offensive) and is a place where we can all share our stories and opinions in an effort to spread them into society.

As some of you know, I have a few ideas concerning bigger plans such as (OMG am I really revealing this, NOW??) possibly creating a foundation that supports and encourages imagination and creativity in children. After writing my speech about it in debate, I realized how passionate I actually am about this topic. (You can find that here. I’m actually pretty proud of it). Anyways, I think this blog could be a help in getting the idea out there in order to find other opportunities where I can help this dream grow.

I really can’t believe this guys, I just want to thank all of you more than I ever could. All of this is because of you, the commenters, the followers, and friends are what keep me writing and what get my work out there to be seen by projects like this. You guys deserve so much more than I could ever give you. I just wanted to give a shout out to a few people like Liv,  Sam O.Bscure, Sunny, Mitul, Colby, Liss and Dani, and Inf. And so so so many more. You guys mean the world to me, you’ve supported a virtual stranger through a bunch of nasty stuff and led me to opportunities like this that have made me so happy.

Well, finally… you can check out my account at My Trending Stories here!! I worked really hard on my first article so I hope you guys will go check it out, like and comment.

Again, thank you so so much! I love you guys to infinity and behind! You  have no idea how much this new opportunity means to me.

– Aspen AKA The Author



Storytime! How We Became Best Friends :)

Hey y’all! I know this was supposed to be up yesterday, but we went to see Finding Dory! OMG guys I’m so sorry, but I spent the weekend in Nevada and couldn’t upload! It’s (finally) here!

Anyways, this is a story time of the first time Lauren and I actually started hanging out. Hope you like it!


Thanks for watching! Comment down below what you want us to do next week, a Q&A, storytime, anything 🙂

Love y’all!- Aspen AKA The Author (And Laur)

Trigger, Trigger, Bullet

Yellow Frosting.

Half crescent moons.

Red chair.


Every joking, “kill yourself”.

Songs, books, movies.
Trigger, Trigger, Trigger.
Bullet, Bullet, Bullet.

Into my head.
Into my heart.
Into my dreams.

Post Trigger, tears.

Traumatic Trigger, images.

Stress Trigger, screams.

DisorderTrigger, I can’t breathe.



Welcome To My Humble A-(Blog)!

Hey y’all! So this is just an update/ taking care of business post.

First, I’d like to welcome all of my new followers! I’m so happy you decided to follow along with my journey and experiences. Don’t be afraid to comment or get a hold of me through my current social media, I love getting to know all of you fabulous people!

School got out a few weeks ago, but this is a picture of Lauren, Bex, and I after our orchestra banquet 🙂


Next, my bike race was a couple weekends ago and I decided to only do 50 miles instead of 100 like I did last year due to health issues. Plus dudes, it was SO hot, there wasn’t any wind and I could feel the heat pulsing around me in waves. This year, my 13 year old cousin Sienna, did the race with us and I had tons of fun! I loved being able to cross the finish line with her and my aunt Julie. (Plus Amy, obviously).

Here’s us before the race:

20160604_075838.jpg 20160604_080717.jpg







Afterwards we went to the original FatBoy factory and got ice cream that was super yummy! There was this boy working in the factory that looked really shocked when he saw me it was super funny. He liked waved his friend over and started pointing so I ran away XD

The next day we stopped at a park and took some cute pictures! Here’s some:



Me and my mom





Tessa (Sienna’s little sister) and Summit (Amy’s son)

Wooh, okay 3rd of all yesterday was my first post on The Artistics, which is some pictures of my friends and I so go check that out here! I really like how they turned out 🙂 (Probably since my friends are gorgeous..)

Okay, almost done! I have SUPER exciting news! Since Lauren will have her license soon, our parents are letting us drive 4 hours away to her grandparents to spend a week and I’m SO excited dudes! Since she’s not allowed to have sleepovers, this is GROUNDBREAKING. Not even kidding, I’m freaking out from excitement, if you can’t tell.

And LASTLY! Tomorrow there will be another recording with Lauren. We will be doing a story time of the first time we “officially” hung out and became best friends as requested. Stay tuned for that, it’s pretty great!

Well, if you made it thanks for reading! Comment down below, “I made it!” And your plans for this summer!

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author

P.S. This is post 160!

Q&A #2: With Lauren

Q & A official

Hey y’all! Thanks for all your questions, here’s the video!

ALSO for next week’s video, we will be doing a story time video. Our idea was to do the first time we actually started hanging out, so let us know if you would like to hear that or not!

And if you want to hear any other stories, comment that too! Thanks again for watching 🙂

Love y’all!-Aspen AKA The Author (And I’m assuming Lauren but she’s not here at the moment..)

Leave Us A Question!

Hey y’all! This is just a reminder that its the last chance to leave Lauren and I a question to answer in tomorrow’s Q&A

PLEASE, please, leave a comment down below, any question you want answered, or just a question we can answer!

It really means a lot, I’d love to get this project up and running, thanks again!

Love y’all- Aspen AKA The Author

We Fixed It!

Hey y’all! So this morning I was on the Google Hangouts group chat talking to  Muse  when she informed me that you couldn’t watch Lauren and I’s video without a dropbox account, so we fixed it!

I found a whole different website to upload the videos. Just as a recap, we will be uploading a Q&A every Tuesday of the summer and want YOU to ask the questions! Make sure to leave some below on any topic so we can get a new video filmed!

If this one doesn’t get any comments also, the series will probably have to be terminated, so make sure to comment! ( And tell us if you can’t see the videos)

And once again, here are the videos!

1st Video

And the final question…

2nd Video

Thanks (again) for watching, make sure to let us know any questions you want answered!

Love y’all!- Aspen AKA The Author (& Lauren)

A Recording! (With Lauren) A NEW SERIES

Hey y’all! Today Lauren decided that she wanted to talk to all of you so we did a recording. Apparently she likes seeing her name on my blog all the time and needed to make an official appearance.

We did a little Q&A and have also made the OFFICIAL DECISION to do Weekly Summer Recordings every Tuesday! So be sure to leave questions that you want answered (any topic! below)

And without further adieu here are the recordings!

1st Recording

This second one is the final question…

2nd Recording

Thanks for watching guys, we hope you enjoyed it! Make sure to comment down below a question that we can answer for next week’s Summer Recording!

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author (& Lauren 🙂


A (Guest) Friend Post! -Hala

Hello friends! This is Hala, Aspen’s friend from school. We’re in our last math class of the year/our last class together until senior year. It’s pretty sad.

But anyways, I’m gonna tell y’all about my (one of) my favorite memories with Aspen. It was on February 15th, so a while ago. It was a Monday but we didn’t have school cause it was Presidents Day or some crap (sorry Mr. Pres) like that. We were sposed to be doing math homework but we were all done with life. Cassey (my basically sister) was collapsed on the ground and Aspen and I were just sitting on my bed struggling and trying to motivate Cass.

We decided we needed a break, so we all grabbed blankets (it was pretty cold outside + idk if you all know but Aspen’s body heat is basically that of a house with only a broken space heater in the far corner of the basement). We went on a walk and we were going to go to a park not far from my house but we decided to go the long way. Unfortunately I don’t know my neighborhood very well and we got lost. We found this road that was like, perf for hipster picture taking 👌 but because it was February, the sun went down super early. So we still haven’t taken hipster pictures but we’re going to this summer.

My mom called and said we needed to go home for dinner but because we were lost we decided we needed to gallop like horses down the roads until we found a road I knew. We were excellent horses.

There isn’t really a point to this story, Aspen just let me post whatever I wanted. (Also don’t worry, we made it home for dinner & didn’t get killed or kidnapped or anything).

Enjoy this pic of Cassey, me, aspen, and Becca at lunch today (tye dye Tues dye):


Have a fantabulous day y’all!

Love, Hala – AKA one of the two people allowed to call Aspen Tree

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