A Recording! (With Lauren) A NEW SERIES

Hey y’all! Today Lauren decided that she wanted to talk to all of you so we did a recording. Apparently she likes seeing her name on my blog all the time and needed to make an official appearance.

We did a little Q&A and have also made the OFFICIAL DECISION to do Weekly Summer Recordings every Tuesday! So be sure to leave questions that you want answered (any topic! below)

And without further adieu here are the recordings!

1st Recording

This second one is the final question…

2nd Recording

Thanks for watching guys, we hope you enjoyed it! Make sure to comment down below a question that we can answer for next week’s Summer Recording!

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author (& Lauren 🙂



A (Guest) Friend Post! -Hala

Hello friends! This is Hala, Aspen’s friend from school. We’re in our last math class of the year/our last class together until senior year. It’s pretty sad.

But anyways, I’m gonna tell y’all about my (one of) my favorite memories with Aspen. It was on February 15th, so a while ago. It was a Monday but we didn’t have school cause it was Presidents Day or some crap (sorry Mr. Pres) like that. We were sposed to be doing math homework but we were all done with life. Cassey (my basically sister) was collapsed on the ground and Aspen and I were just sitting on my bed struggling and trying to motivate Cass.

We decided we needed a break, so we all grabbed blankets (it was pretty cold outside + idk if you all know but Aspen’s body heat is basically that of a house with only a broken space heater in the far corner of the basement). We went on a walk and we were going to go to a park not far from my house but we decided to go the long way. Unfortunately I don’t know my neighborhood very well and we got lost. We found this road that was like, perf for hipster picture taking 👌 but because it was February, the sun went down super early. So we still haven’t taken hipster pictures but we’re going to this summer.

My mom called and said we needed to go home for dinner but because we were lost we decided we needed to gallop like horses down the roads until we found a road I knew. We were excellent horses.

There isn’t really a point to this story, Aspen just let me post whatever I wanted. (Also don’t worry, we made it home for dinner & didn’t get killed or kidnapped or anything).

Enjoy this pic of Cassey, me, aspen, and Becca at lunch today (tye dye Tues dye):


Have a fantabulous day y’all!

Love, Hala – AKA one of the two people allowed to call Aspen Tree