The Five Senses Tag

Hey y’all! I was nominated by  Liss & Dani  to do the Five Senses tag! Thanks for the nomination you two! Here are the rules:


-Thank the person who nominated you

-For each of the five senses (or as many as you do) describe five of your favorite things having to do with that sense. AKA your five favorite smells, sounds, etc.

-Nominate five other people to do this tag


-A group of people totally silent, yet you can see the happiness in their eyes.

– Utah: My home state; the mountains, lakes, sand dunes, everything.

-Strangers who smile at you. I think this is one of the best things ever.

-Someone standing up for what they believe in.


-The loud buzz of everyone in my family at my grandma’s house, but every few seconds you can distinguish specific voices.

-Someone calling my name or nickname

-The sound of running water in a forest

-Rain, it’s my favorite weather

-Someone saying, I love you.


-Warm vanilla

-Coconut conditioner

-Banana bread in the oven

-The smell of my neighborhood outside in the evening.

-Pistachio anything; ice cream, pudding, etc.


– 7-Up Chicken

-Raspberry pretzel jello- crunchy but sweet and soft and it’s the best thing ever

-The chicken Lauren and I make (Its da bomb)

-Goldfish and vanilla coke at 3 am

-Chick fila or arctic circle ice cream eaten with friends late at night

Things to feel:

– A group of people coming together with the help of the spirit

-The love I know my Heavenly Father has for me

-Fuzzy socks

-A baby’s hands

-Hugging someone you know cares about you

People I would like to tag:





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