Bear Lake!

Hey y’all! So I’m spending this week in Idaho with Lauren, but that’s another post. I’m going to be talking about my trip to Bear Lake a few weeks ago. 

My entire family on my mom’s side came up to stay with us at Amy and David’s cabin. Even Trine and Rob drove up from New Mexico. 

The night we got there all the kids were playing Bean Boozled  (a game where you can either get a nasty or good jellybean) and I ended up getting 3rd. Spencer got 2nd and Summit won. 

We had to eat rotten egg, toothpaste, grass clippings, vomit, stinky stocks, dog food, and the grossest of them all; dead fish. I lost at that one it was absolutely disgusting. 

All of us kids slept out on the deck under the stars and it was beautiful. 

The next day we went to the beach and I decided to go on the boat with David and help him find everyone on the beach. Here’s a picture I took: 

My uncle Richie brought up waverunners which are soooo fun. My mom is crazy on those things, she literally jumps so that we’ll fly. My butt was so bruised the next day. 

Sienna and I also went and played on the paddle board and I’m actually pretty good at it! 

I also got fried since my mom went on the boat before I could find the sunblock. 

Ivy was being really ornery so I played with her in the sand and she finally fell asleep. 

On Sunday we went to the beach again, but only for a few hours since I was super sunburnt and the boys left to go golfing. And Sienna dragged me down the whole beach with the paddle board and made me carry us back. 

Monday, (the 4th of July) Julie, Sienna, my mom and I went out on the waverunners but got lost since we didn’t know where anyone else went. Also one of the waverunners (the one with Sienna and I on it) died out on the middle of the lake with huge waves. Our moms had to pull the waverunners together and switch seats. 

After that we got raspberry shakes (what Bear Lake is famous for) and headed home! 

Here’s just a few extra pictures I took, I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to my favorite place on Earth! 

Ivy was being ornery and only wanted me and Penny xD 

Me and Lilli!

The doomed generation aka 2 year Olds only wanting electronics (Sophie and Ivy) Oh, and Coco the chihuahua. 

Just the lake ๐Ÿ™‚


Me and Abbey on the drive down ๐Ÿ™‚
I know they’re huge and some are sideways but I’m on my phone so I can’t fix it. 

Love y’all! – Aspen AKA the Author 


11 Replies to “Bear Lake!”

  1. hope you’ve also tried some huckleberry shakes while you’re there! those are soooo good, and our state fruit (fruit? berry? idek…). the best are in victor/driggs, id but pretty much everywhere that sells them they’re delicious.

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  2. well since huckleberries are sour and chocolate is not, i can imagine that not going down quite right! at least try one plain huckleberry shake at some point, they’re honest to goodness heaven on earth.

    Liked by 1 person

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