Celebrating the 1 Year Anniversary!


Hey y’all! As many of you know, yesterday was the one year anniversary of akatheauthor! I am so glad to be able to say that! This blog has given me so many cool opportunities, but I’ll touch on that later. Now, let’s see what I did to celebrate!


Well to start the day, I had to go to my school and do a driving thing with a teacher so that I can get my license, but he’s from the city that my favorite NFL team is in, so we just talked about them while I drove. Lauren picked me up afterwards and we cleaned the basement floor so that her mom could deep clean the carpets.

THEN Ryann drove to Lauren’s house, and the three of us went to Culver’s! We all got delicious frozen custard and cheese curds which are basically just deep fried cheese balls. So very American XD


Ry got mint and  brownie, Lauren got strawberries and fudge, and I got butterscotch and brownie!


I had tons of fun hanging with these girlies! Especially when Ryann used a stranger’s napkin xD

After that, Lauren had to babysit so Ryann and I went back to her house and watched a movie (and took pictures obviously)



After that, I had to go to Young Womens, but we met up AGAIN (I know) at my house with Lauren and Jordynn this time to watch A Beautiful Mind.



All in all, I had a great time celebrating with them, thank you both  for making it an awesome day!

Wow guys, 1 year. 1 crazy, crazy year. Thank you to everyone, my long time followers, new followers, even those of you who may just read my blog. It means the world to me, this has been an amazing adventure.

This blog has led me to make some amazing friends such as Gioia, Liv, Mitul, Inf, Colby, etc, etc. And even people who I talk to more normally than over blogging like Sam.

I’ve also been able to join a bigger blog where I can share my ideas with a bigger platform.

You guys are amazing. I love you.

-Aspen AKA the Author


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