Is My Best Friend Better Than You? 

Hey y’all! I am currently in Bear Lake aka the best place on Earth! But this time my dad’s siblings came along with LAURENNN!  Right now we’re laying down with the softest blanket because our toes are freezing. 

Anyways, as I was reading posts I saw all about how Fibit, Elm, Sav, and L were hanging out. And I said how it’s not fair I don’t get to meet bloggers because they all live in Europe or the other side of the freaking country. 

So Lauren laughed at me because she’s a jerk. Just kidding (although she just barely called me a jerk so….)  But because I am sooo nice I said that it was okay because I had her. And she goes. “Yep, I’m better than them anyways”. 

BTW right now, she keeps saying she hates me for telling all of you 😂😂 Apparently I’m an eye-hole  (That word is copyrighted by her btw) 

Anyways, I just found it hilarious. What do you think? Comment down below! 

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author 


How School’s Going So Far

Hey y’all! So today was the 3rd day of school, and also picture day. I woke up at 5:45 to curl my freaking hair which took soooo much effort let me tell you. But funny story, while I was in one of the lines waiting to get my picture taken, I looked over at another photographer.

And low and behold, it was one of my 2nd cousins, I wasn’t 100% sure because I had no idea she did anything like that (she’s  my mom’s cousin’s daughter) . So I switched into her line, just in case. When I handed her the money form with my name on it she went, “It is you!” So we talked about our family while she took my picture, and she fixed it all up, so I actually don’t hate it for once!

Besides that, I’ve been reading and annotating the Scarlet Letter for English class, and it’s actually quite interesting. Plus our teacher is hilarious, so that’s great.

I also spent the night memorizing all the anatomical planes and positions for my medical anatomy class, which is a pain, but I got them all down, so it’s not too bad. I’m pretty good at memorizing terms, and since these go with movements (Duh, it’s the way our bodies MOVE) it’s even easier. Here I’ll teach you some, if you point your toes down, that’s called plantarflexion, and if you point them up it’s called dorsiflexion. Also if you  move a body part away from your body, it’s abduction, but moving it towards your body is adduction. But that’s only a few since our bodies are very complex.

Tomorrow my friends and I are planning on going to the JV football game which should be exciting. And by exciting I mean horrible because I love football so much, and our school teams SUCK. SO. BAD.

But speaking of football, college ball starts soon!! I’m so excited to go watch the Utes play!

Random comment, tomorrow I’m planning on wearing my shirt that says “I followed my heart and it led me to the fridge” which is pretty legit and completely true.

And LASTLY, my uncle from Arizona is flying in on Friday so we are spending the weekend in the cabin at Bear Lake AKA my favorite place on Earth. And guess what?! Lauren is coming with me this time!!! If you can’t tell, I’m very excited. I’ll be sure to post about it when it happens!

Till then, love y’all!- Aspen AKA The Author


A Father’s Blessing

Hey y’all! So today was my baby bro’s 14th birthday! I had school so he went golfing with my dad and then went to a trampoline place called The Warehouse with Lauren’s brother Logan. I can’t believe he’s so old now! Happy Birthday dude, you’re my favorite sibling 😉 You always know how to make me smile when I really don’t want to. Thanks for trying to hug me over and over again when I only push you away, and for the great cakes. I love you.

School wasn’t too bad, I’m super exhausted but I thought I’d write this post. Our English teacher seems legit, he’s hilarious. After school we had some homework to finish from over the summer so we got fries and nuggets from McDonalds to cope XD

But just a little bit ago, my dad gave us a father’s blessing to help with the school year and stuff. My dad talked about helping me do good in school, not getting overwhelmed,  coming closer to my Heavenly Father, being an example for my brother, using my talents to help others, and that we’ll be able to find some answers medical wise and I’ll be better able to deal with the pain, and to know how much my parents love me.

We used to get these every year before school but we haven’t done it in awhile, so this time I started tearing up, and I had to pinch myself so I wouldn’t cry.

I’m just really glad that I’m able to have these kinds of blessings that I know help me. And I’m especially grateful that my father is worthy to hold the priesthood so we can have it in our house at any time.

A lot of times when things get really bad, I need a priesthood blessing so my dad and other family members are able to help.

My dad had stage 4 hodgkins lymphoma that came back 3 times when I was younger, he had already had a bone marrow transplant (Or 2 I can’t quite remember) and needed another one. That day he got a priesthood blessing, and didn’t need one anymore. He’s been in remission for 11 years now.

I’m not saying priesthood blessings are magic- they’re not. But it comes really close.

I love you all (Happy Birthday Spencer!) – Aspen AKA The Author




Welcome Back… To Hell 

Hey y’all! Welcome to the first blog post written in school of the year! Yep, today school started. 

It really sucks that summer is over, but today has actually been a pretty good day. Well after I tried to make Ryann drag us to Vegas instead of here. 

But, Lauren and I have tons of class together and Ry and Bex have a few with us too! Plus on A days we ALL have lunch together with Jordynn. 

I’m pretty excited for this year. Now that I’m a junior I can do all the fun stuff which is awesome. I also don’t have to walk home because we can driiiive (And being able to date was supposed to be the  exciting part of turning 16). 

These are the classes I’m taking: 

– Spanish 4 honors (With Ry and Laur) 

Homeroom is once a week and it’s the same class for 3 years but Bex and I have it together 🙂 

– Medical Anatomy  (With Laur)

-English Honors (With Ry, Laur, and Bex)

-Biology (With Laur)

And then on B days I have:

-Seminary (Basically church in school, but in a different building on campus) 

-AP U.S. History (With Ry, Laur, and Bex)

-Math of some kind… AP Stats I think 

-Orchestra (With Laur) 
Tell me what classes you guys are taking below, love y’all! 

-Aspen AKA An Official Junior! 

Songs I Can Lose Myself In

Hey y’all! I’ve always felt that some songs were just different. They were music to me, music that made you forget where you were. Music you could get lost in. This is that music for me. The music I listen to at 1 am while sitting on the bathroom counter, trying to forget everything. Trying to pretend nothing else exists, after you fall asleep. You know who you are.

I hope this music can help you guys too.

Ophelia– The Lumineers

Closer– The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey (This song is probably my number one, I’ve been listening to it almost non-stop since last night)

New York City– The Chainsmokers

Gasoline -Halsey

Heaven Knows– The Pretty Reckless

I Hate Everything About You– Three Days Grace

Bloom– The Paper Kites

Electric Love– BORNS

Tongue Tied– Grouplove

Come Around– Rosi Golan

Tell me if you love any of these songs like I do! Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author



Pinterest Gave Me An Idea…

Hey y’all! So I have been ridiculously bored and alone all freaking day and there’s some other stuff happening that I won’t talk about for privacy reasons, but ANYWAY, here’s the point. 

As all extremely bored and lonely people do, I was scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling (okay, you get the point) through Pinterest and found something. It was this random picture of a folder saying that whatever someone commented they would keep on their folder all year. Naturally, I wanted to do it myself, but seeing as I don’t really know people on Pinterest, I had a different idea. 

Why not ask all of my lovely followers and friends on my blog? 

So, comment something down below! Something you want to tell me, a joke, a quote, literally anything (except really crude or vulgar comments obviously) 

I’d really appreciate it if you guys comment, it can be anything! You’re support in any way means a lot right now.

 I’ve felt pretty alone lately which is honestly really hard for me to admit since this hasn’t ever happened to me before. 

Especially since I feel like I’m letting down my friends when I say that, but I can’t help it and it makes me feel really guilty when they have other stuff to do too. Hopefully it’s just a rut, this usually isn’t me. 

Love y’all 🙂 -Aspen AKA The Author 

My Kids Will Do It Differently- A Guest Post! 

From the moment you are born there are ideas being put on you from media, your parents, and society in general. And although your parents are usually your biggest role models, the media and society play a huge role as well, especially as you get older and start to understand and explore the world. While these influences can be good there’s also a fair share of stuff I wouldn’t want my kids to do that way, in other words i would want my kids to do it differently.

My kids won’t look at anything and think they should look like that. It’s a huge issue that is constantly talked about and i know you’ve heard it before, but I would tell my kids that their toys/dolls aren’t real (not to squash their imaginations but you know…. when they’re ready haha), and that people’s bodies do not look like that. And when they see pictures in magazines or on social media i would tell them that those pictures aren’t even real, and my kids will know that they don’t have to look any certain way. And besides, they are them and you are you. I’ll teach them to know what’s real and healthy, and to be confident in themselves.

My kids would also be confident in their own voice, their own opinions and ideas. People tend to devalue what kids say because they’re younger but i want my kids to be confident and even if it’s hard to make people listen i want them to try their best to make it happen. I’ve always been a little less confident, i was that kid who knew the answers and had ideas but never shared them with the class. now I’ve learned to do that and it’s something I want my kids to do too, no matter how much people might try to make them feel like their voice doesn’t matter or isn’t being taken seriously.

And finally my kids will know that good deeds often go unnoticed but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do them. When celebrities do charity work they get a bunch of media attention, and there’s lots of nice posts about the heartwarming things people have done. but not every good deed is noticed and praised. my kids won’t do good deeds for attention, they will do them out of love and consideration and won’t expect anything in return. Whether good deeds are noticed or unnoticed they are all equally as lovely and meaningful.

Thanks so much to Aspen for letting me post here! Tell me, what stuff would you want your kids to do differently?

🙂 Luna

Hey y’all! Thanks for reading, sorry for it being so late I spent all day limping around the amusement park and I’m writing this in the car at 11:30 pm xD 

But thanks so much to Luna for guest posting, check out her amazing blog here,  if you haven’t already! 

Have a great weekend, love y’all! – Aspen AKA the Author 

I Fell Off A Ladder…..

Hey y’all! Today I was supposed to go to work, but as you can tell from the title of this post, I fell off a ladder.

Last night I was helping my family in our unfinished pond, and the ladder is in the hole so we can get out (obviously). I was just standing on it and took my right foot off and fell, so my foot twisted all funny and now it hurts really bad. It’s not swollen though so I’m thinking it has something to do with just the muscle.

Tomorrow I’m going to the temple for young women’s to do baptisms for the dead so that should be pretty cool, I haven’t been for awhile.

This week our leaders started something called Daughter of God week to help us improve our self-esteem and testimonies. They gave us envelopes to open each day and Monday was a cute little journal so we could write down everything we are grateful for.

Today was a story, that I haven’t actually read yet, but I’m going to before bed, after I watch the Olympics. I think I’m going to take a bath with Epsom salt too since I haven’t been feeling good lately.

We’re going to see another doctor and maybe even try acupuncture, so there will be an update on that sometime soon.

Hope you guys have a good night/morning/afternoon! Love y’all!- Aspen AKA The Author



roadtrip 2.jpg

Hey y’all! So about two weeks ago, Lauren and I drove up to Idaho on a roadtrip! Her grandparents live there so that’s where we spent a few days! Our parents were initially all for it, but as it got closer they got super worried. Especially my dad, he likes to pretend he’s not protective but he sooo is.

We left Sunday afternoon and spent the 4 hour drive jamming out to CD’s, playing road games, and talking about life. When we were almost there, I realized I left my phone charger at home, so we had to stop at Walmart so I could get a new one. We ate Arby’s for dinner and left for her grandparents house!

That night we just sat on one of the beds and talked forever as always, and the next morning we had to be up pretty early to go and feed the cows!

That day we went to clean out the canal that waters one of her grandpa’s fields and flooded it. We also got to ride in the swather ( a machine that cuts the alfalfa/hay, I’ll insert a picture)


For the rest of the week we just did other things around the farm and town places like giving the cows shots, watering the other field and fixing the circle (a huge sprinkler), and just riding around in her grandpa’s awesome truck. We also got to drive the four-wheeler around the field while her uncle’s dog Max chased us around.

We got addicted to these pink candies that tasted like pepto bismol and were soooo good. Insert picture of our hot pink tongues… here! pink 2


While doing all of this I got a cool tour of the town and just took some pictures of the road and scenery 🙂



One night we couldn’t sleep and went exploring upstairs and found an old record player! It was really funny though since it would only play super super slow or so fast that it sounded like chipmunks singing. We searched everywhere for another record, but couldn’t find one. That night was probably my favorite, I just felt completely at home and super happy.

One day we went with her grandma to go watch a movie, and when we got there it was all weirdly dark.  Turns out the power was out in a large part of the state so we spent the afternoon playing cards instead. We were playing BS and it was super funny because sometimes her grandma would just take  the cards instead of lying. And one time Lauren was looking through the cards and said, “Oooh someone was lying…. I think it was me”. We ate dinner outside and her grandpa kept swatting away the flies and saying, “Fetch!” “These dang flies make you  wanna swear!”

On the way back we stopped at this restaurant called Maddox where you just park in the driving port. They had super good fried chicken, french fries, and honey. We saw a huge fire on the way home and spent it talking and in traffic and obviously jamming out, it was awesome. These are pictures I took on the way out of Idaho!



idaho lake 2

This trip meant a lot more than just hanging out with my best friend, because even if we were working on a farm or whatever I had tons of fun and I loved it. The freedom and new experience was just really fun, and I’m really glad I got to spend it with this crazy one 🙂


I hope you liked this post! Love you guys! -Aspen AKA the Author


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