I Fell Off A Ladder…..

Hey y’all! Today I was supposed to go to work, but as you can tell from the title of this post, I fell off a ladder.

Last night I was helping my family in our unfinished pond, and the ladder is in the hole so we can get out (obviously). I was just standing on it and took my right foot off and fell, so my foot twisted all funny and now it hurts really bad. It’s not swollen though so I’m thinking it has something to do with just the muscle.

Tomorrow I’m going to the temple for young women’s to do baptisms for the dead so that should be pretty cool, I haven’t been for awhile.

This week our leaders started something called Daughter of God week to help us improve our self-esteem and testimonies. They gave us envelopes to open each day and Monday was a cute little journal so we could write down everything we are grateful for.

Today was a story, that I haven’t actually read yet, but I’m going to before bed, after I watch the Olympics. I think I’m going to take a bath with Epsom salt too since I haven’t been feeling good lately.

We’re going to see another doctor and maybe even try acupuncture, so there will be an update on that sometime soon.

Hope you guys have a good night/morning/afternoon! Love y’all!- Aspen AKA The Author



9 Replies to “I Fell Off A Ladder…..”

  1. Aww you’re poor foot! I shall heal it with my unicorn powers!
    And isn’t acupuncture when they stick needles in your back?
    And I mentioned before that I wrote a story about you and was going to post it, but I lost the file so now I can’t find it TT^TT I’m sorry TT^TT

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