My Kids Will Do It Differently- A Guest Post! 

From the moment you are born there are ideas being put on you from media, your parents, and society in general. And although your parents are usually your biggest role models, the media and society play a huge role as well, especially as you get older and start to understand and explore the world. While these influences can be good there’s also a fair share of stuff I wouldn’t want my kids to do that way, in other words i would want my kids to do it differently.

My kids won’t look at anything and think they should look like that. It’s a huge issue that is constantly talked about and i know you’ve heard it before, but I would tell my kids that their toys/dolls aren’t real (not to squash their imaginations but you know…. when they’re ready haha), and that people’s bodies do not look like that. And when they see pictures in magazines or on social media i would tell them that those pictures aren’t even real, and my kids will know that they don’t have to look any certain way. And besides, they are them and you are you. I’ll teach them to know what’s real and healthy, and to be confident in themselves.

My kids would also be confident in their own voice, their own opinions and ideas. People tend to devalue what kids say because they’re younger but i want my kids to be confident and even if it’s hard to make people listen i want them to try their best to make it happen. I’ve always been a little less confident, i was that kid who knew the answers and had ideas but never shared them with the class. now I’ve learned to do that and it’s something I want my kids to do too, no matter how much people might try to make them feel like their voice doesn’t matter or isn’t being taken seriously.

And finally my kids will know that good deeds often go unnoticed but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do them. When celebrities do charity work they get a bunch of media attention, and there’s lots of nice posts about the heartwarming things people have done. but not every good deed is noticed and praised. my kids won’t do good deeds for attention, they will do them out of love and consideration and won’t expect anything in return. Whether good deeds are noticed or unnoticed they are all equally as lovely and meaningful.

Thanks so much to Aspen for letting me post here! Tell me, what stuff would you want your kids to do differently?

🙂 Luna

Hey y’all! Thanks for reading, sorry for it being so late I spent all day limping around the amusement park and I’m writing this in the car at 11:30 pm xD 

But thanks so much to Luna for guest posting, check out her amazing blog here,  if you haven’t already! 

Have a great weekend, love y’all! – Aspen AKA the Author 


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