Hey y’all! Welcome to the first blog post written in school of the year! Yep, today school started. 

It really sucks that summer is over, but today has actually been a pretty good day. Well after I tried to make Ryann drag us to Vegas instead of here. 

But, Lauren and I have tons of class together and Ry and Bex have a few with us too! Plus on A days we ALL have lunch together with Jordynn. 

I’m pretty excited for this year. Now that I’m a junior I can do all the fun stuff which is awesome. I also don’t have to walk home because we can driiiive (And being able to date was supposed to be the  exciting part of turning 16). 

These are the classes I’m taking: 

– Spanish 4 honors (With Ry and Laur) 

Homeroom is once a week and it’s the same class for 3 years but Bex and I have it together 🙂 

– Medical Anatomy  (With Laur)

-English Honors (With Ry, Laur, and Bex)

-Biology (With Laur)

And then on B days I have:

-Seminary (Basically church in school, but in a different building on campus) 

-AP U.S. History (With Ry, Laur, and Bex)

-Math of some kind… AP Stats I think 

-Orchestra (With Laur) 
Tell me what classes you guys are taking below, love y’all! 

-Aspen AKA An Official Junior!