Is My Best Friend Better Than You? 

Hey y’all! I am currently in Bear Lake aka the best place on Earth! But this time my dad’s siblings came along with LAURENNN!  Right now we’re laying down with the softest blanket because our toes are freezing. 

Anyways, as I was reading posts I saw all about how Fibit, Elm, Sav, and L were hanging out. And I said how it’s not fair I don’t get to meet bloggers because they all live in Europe or the other side of the freaking country. 

So Lauren laughed at me because she’s a jerk. Just kidding (although she just barely called me a jerk so….)  But because I am sooo nice I said that it was okay because I had her. And she goes. “Yep, I’m better than them anyways”. 

BTW right now, she keeps saying she hates me for telling all of you 😂😂 Apparently I’m an eye-hole  (That word is copyrighted by her btw) 

Anyways, I just found it hilarious. What do you think? Comment down below! 

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author 

17 Replies to “Is My Best Friend Better Than You? ”

  1. Woah. That was a little far-fetched. Is she tryna start beef or something? If so, I’ll need a heads up to gather my squad 😛

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  2. She says that her squad is better than yours 😂😂 (Well I’m in it so… I can’t quite disagree)
    But I don’t really want to have to beat y’all up, so does brunch sound better to you?

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