Pain Doesn’t Take Lunch Breaks 

Hey y’all. I don’t even know why I’m writing, I had a whole other cool post ready to be published but it disappeared. 

I just feel so emotionally sick. Every time I breathe in, I can feel the weight of my world ooze off of my shoulders into my gut. 

I feel like a disappointment. I keep telling my body to do things but I just can’t. And it hurts so bad that I can’t focus on anything else. 

I’ve begun to realize what this brain fog things is, like when I have a thought in my head but I say it who knows how many times because I can’t remember. 

And I’m feeling ridiculously guilty because of it all. I can’t function completely on my own, which means I need other people’s help. 

And I don’t mean to push other people’s problems away, but I guess I do. And I wish I could stop asking and just try a few more times, but that’s not how it works. 

I just want to function on my own, where nothing I do affects anyone else. 

And my friends are struggling pretty bad right now too. And I can’t fix it, which I hate. I’m not here for me anymore, I’m here to help other people. 

But I can’t,  all because it hurts. Everywhere all the time, without stopping. Pain doesn’t have lunch breaks and weekends. 

So here’s to hoping one Dr’s appointment can fix my life. 
Love y’all- Aspen AKA The Girl Who Just Wants To Play Cello teenage, pain, struggling, help


10 Replies to “Pain Doesn’t Take Lunch Breaks ”

  1. Oh Aspen 😦 It’s not your fault; you can’t help how much it hurts. I hope it becomes less painful 😦 There’s nothing I can say to make it better and I’m so sorry. You still have us, though, and you always will.

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  2. indeed it is true and i’m so sorry because it just sucks. don’t feel guilty for something you cannot help though. and we’re here and we care. that’s all i’ll say i guess.

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