Who’s Most Likely To… feat. Fibit and Colby

Hey y’all! For the past about 10 months or so, I’ve been a part of a group chat with 2 other bloggers, who I now consider some of my closest blogging friends. We talk a lot more than is probably normal, but they always know how to make me laugh. Even when they don’t know I needed it. Both of them are genuinely extremely kind and rude, so I fit right in 😉  We’re actually all planning on all meeting sometime in the future and going on a trip around the world, and London is the first stop! (After I have to drag them out of the airport by their earlobes because they won’t stop fighting, we have a few things to learn from the maid, and some passion fruit ice cream to eat 😉 But we haven’t done a collab post ever which is insane, so we’re doing it now!

Introducing,  Who’s Most Likely To… with Colby from Dreams and Movie Screens, and Fibit from, well, Fibit. We did 18 questions in total, you  can check out the other questions by clicking here ( Colby’s post) and here ( Fibit’s post).

Who is most likely to become president someday? 

Me:  I say me because Fibit isn’t even from here, and Colby is too lazy 😉

Colby: Definitely Aspen. She seems the most driven to do something like that.

Fibit: Aspen. She’s into debating and that kinda thing and she’s probably a great public speaker.

Who is most likely to get drunk alone on Christmas Eve?

Me: Colby and Fibit. I could kind of see both of them depending on the situation, and I don’t drink.

Colby: I’m honestly not sure of this one. Drunk alone? Probably me or Fibit. We just seem like those people, I guess.

Fibit: Me. I’d say Colby but she’s more likely to get completely wasted with others.

Who is most likely to get married first?

Me: Hmm… I’m gonna say Fibit actually. I don’t know why, but I can picture him getting married younger…

Colby: I could see Aspen getting married first. She’s a husband-magnet. She seems the most wife-like between her and me.

Fibit: Aspen. I don’t really have a reason.

Who is most likely to get in a fight?

Me: Well generally me because I’m the violent one. But Fibit and Colby argue like children.

Colby: Me and Fibit. As in, fighting each other. We’ve squared up multiple times. We plan to fight here in a couple of years.

Fibit: Colby and I. We’ve got loads of beef so when she finally visits London, it’s going down.
Who is most likely to fail a simple test?

Me:  Honestly, probably me because I would overthink it waaay too much.

Colby: Probably me, because I get sidetracked sometimes. Though I’ve never failed a test.

Fibit: Me. I’ll probably revise the wrong stuff.

Who is most likely to become a multi-millionaire?

Me:   I could actually see Fibit being a multi-millionare with some corporate business in NYC or something. (Although Colby and I would be the ones embarrassing him dancing on a table at one of those fancy apartment parties)

Colby: Fibit. He seems inventive and business-minded enough to do it.

Fibit: Aspen. She’s going to be a specialist doctor so…

That’s all for now folks! 

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to leave us a comment down below, and head on over to Colby’s and Fibit’s blogs to see the rest of the questions! Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Autho


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  1. That sounds really good that you have such close friends on here hopefully me and Dani can be as close as you are with these awesome people with some of our blogger friends someday! -Lyss

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