Fall Reading List

Hey y’all! So recently I’ve been reading a lot more so I thought it would be fun to do a list of books you all should read this fall!


 1. The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting 


This is my all-time favorite novel. My personal copy is dog-eared and layered with sticky notes. The amount of times I read this book is probably astounding. Violet Ambrose can sense echoes of dead bodies- and the imprints left on their killers. Now that a serial killer is taking girls from her small town- she uses her “gift” to track him down. Along with her best “friend” Jay Heaton, and a few close calls, she tries to put everything back to normal. Well, as normal as a girl who finds dead bodies can.

2. Wait Til Helen Comes by Mary Downing Hahn 


This is my favorite childhood book. It may be written for a slightly younger crowd, but I still absolutely love it! It’s about 2 siblings who move into a church next to a cemetery with their new little step-sister. Add a ghost, and a mystery, and you’ve got the perfect book!

 3. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher 

13 reasons why.jpeg

I read this book last year, and I still catch myself thinking about it. The ideas that you had something to do with seriously hurting someone is haunting, just like this book. Hannah Baker left detailed tapes explaining how 13 people were to blame for her committing suicide. The unique set up of each story had be intrigued from the beginning.

4. Project Cain by Geoffrey Girard 


Serial killers have always been extremely interesting to me, so when I came upon a sci-fi version of them, I knew I had to read it. I loved the extensive research that was done for this book, and the amazing character development!  Here’s the blurb: When Jeff discovers he is a clone of a serial killer, he knows he needs to track down the others before more people are killed. So along with the help of an ex- military man, that’s what he does.

5. Gallows Hill  by Lois Duncan 


So this book is written by a CLASSIC horror author. She is amazing, I remember when Sunny recommended her books to me and I spent all summer obsessing over them. You should definitely read all of her books, and not just this one. However, this one has stuck with me the most.t And the blurb (that I may have stole from Goodreads because they explained it really well:  Role-playing takes on a terrifying cast when 17-year-old Sarah, who is posing as a fortune-teller for a school fair, begins to see actual visions that can predict the future. Frightened, the other students brand her a witch, setting off a chain of events that mirror the centuries-old Salem witch trials in more ways than one.

6. The Accident Season


Admittedly, I picked this up for the sole reason that I’m accident prone. But I ended up liking it WAY more than I thought it would. I love a good mystery plot line that reveals itself in the end. This book is about a girl Cara, and her family who become extremely accident prone every October. This year, she learns that not all of the scars left are physical.

7. The Crucible 


We just finished reading this book in English class, and I loved it. It’s about the Salem witch trials where a group of girls were found to be bewitched. They claim it to be the spirits of women on the town, who are then hanged. I can’t say anymore without giving away the plot of the story, but I will add that this was actually written because of communism…


I hope y’all like this! Let me know if you read any of the books that I listed!

Love y’all!-Aspen AKA The Author




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