Hey y’all! So… hmm.. what have I been up to lately ? *Goes away to think* 

Well for starters, I went to a haunted house and while I was totally freaked out before, once we got there I was fine. At one point I screamed, “Happy Birthday!” when one of the actors jumped out at me. Another time we were going through this circus parts and I was casually asking where I could get some of the neon paint. But it came out like this, “Where can I get some of this *person jumps out* PAINT”. Don’t forget the time in the dark tunnel I swear someone spit in my mouth and I said so, and one of the actors laughed. 

Then on Friday I went to the zoo with Lauren and her family which was super fun. And I got to see the bears (my favorite animal) But I did get a cool picture of the elephants. 

After the zoo, my mom, Lauren, and I went to my grandma’s house since my aunt was doing this lipstick party thing. I may or may not have spent $45 on it. WHAT. THE.  HECK. ASPEN. Oh well, it’s really cool. Plus it literally stayed on for 3 days. 

And then on Saturday I went and saw the play Thriller and it was really good! I had a lot of fun with my cousins 🙂 

(Sorry I know thus is sideways, but I’m on my phone)

That afternoon I realized I forgot to turn in a project for orchestra, and without it I had a B. Which means that every single thing I’ve don’t since August 22nd to get straight A’s was all for naught. 

I was really tempted to lie to get the points but decided not to. And then on Sunday I taught a lesson in church on patience and mentioned my dilemma. Well low and behold, when I got home I found that she graded it anyway! Which means my grades are safe. So yeah, don’t lie xD 

Leave a comment down below of what you’re favorite animal to see at the zoo is! Love y’all- Aspen AKA The Author