Hey y’all! So I am super excited to introduce this post! It’s a collab with one of my very very best blogging (well not even just blogging) friends, Gioia from My Crazy World of Books Blog!! We’ve been talking for a long time-and she is one of the sweetest people you will EVER meet. Even all of my friends have grown to love her, and I can’t wait to meet her in a few years!!

For our first collab post, we decided to ask each other questions to see how well we know each other, and these are the questions she asked me! Hopefully I can get them all right 🙂

1. What is my favorite food?

I’m pretty sure that at least one of your favorite foods is pasta…
2. What is my favorite color?

3. What is my favorite subject to rant about?

You always rant about
4. What is my favorite band?

I want to say Green Day. But I know you like a few other ones too….
5. Who was my first love? And you can cut that question.i

I’m not going to cut this question xD And it was Josh.
6. What is my religion?

Roman Catholic. I’m pretty positive, don’t really know why I’m questioning it.
7. Who is the most adorable person in the world?

Um, you obviously
 Extra question: What is my hair color?



And that’s it! Make sure to go and check out her post, she got all of them right!

Love y’all! (P.S. Happy Halloween!) – Aspen AKA The Author