Parks and Cemeteries!

Hey y’all! Today was a half day of sorts. Technically juniors didn’t have school at all to make up for the day we have to come in February to take the ACT. But my AP US History teacher was doing a review thing so my friends and I decided to go to that.

First, Lauren and I went and got breakfast burritos from Betos and they’re SO good. They’re massive and filled with super yummy potatoes eggs and such, I got bacon. Then we drove to the school and to the AP review thing.

After that we went to this park over by our houses that’s in this cute little town next to the mine. They have super fun metal slides, Ryann flew down them and flipped into the wood chips it was hilarious. We took some fun pictures which I’ll have down below!





After the park we went the cemetery there and just looked at all the graves. Does anyone else like to do that? Or is it just me…. Either way, Laur and Ry wandered off so Bex and I were just looking at the headstones together and had a really cool conversation. We were talking about being human and our empathy and ability to progress together and individually. I brought up the point that we always see the bad things of progression when (at least in my beliefs) the world was created for positive things and some of the only reasons we are where we are today is because of hope and faith.

I’ve really missed talking to her, we always have really cool conversations that keep me thinking.

I have to go to young women’s, we’re delivering gifts to veterans in our ward! Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author


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