Congrats Gioia!

Hey y’all! So today is My Crazy World of Books Blog aka Gioia’s, 1st blogaversary! If you don’t already follow her blog right now, go do it! I’ll wait.

Well now that you can read her awesome blog posts- you can hear about how awesome she is as a person. Gioia and I have been talking for quite a long time, and we talk every day. Because of the time difference, I can always look forward to seeing a “Good morning!” message from her and it always makes me so happy.

I myself am not a very “sweet” person- but Gioia definitely is. She’s one of the kindest people I’ve ever met, no matter what happens she’s always there to encourage you. She can always make me laugh too. We play this game called the Rant Game where you give each other a topic and then have to rant about it and she always cracks me up.

I can easily say that she is one of by best friends regardless of the fact that we’ve never met and that she lives 5,407 miles away. She’s a constant reminder for me to be kind and has made me think before I speak to others. Our friendship has made me a much better (and happier) person!

Love you, G and congrats! – Aspen

P.S. Lauren, Ryann, and Bex, wish you a happy blogaversary too!


2 Replies to “Congrats Gioia!”

  1. Oh my dear Aspen,
    I am so thankful to have you. But I want you to know that I really think you are sweet. And no matter what other people say I think you are. You’re such an important person to me. And every day I wait for
    3 pm because you’ll wake up around that time in my time. Is this weird? I don’t know. But you have helped me through stuff I didn’t think I wanted to solve. I’d have rather curled up under my blanket and be gone. I wait for every class to finish and then I can write you. And I don’t know in what way I have helped you to be a better person. Because I thought you already were. Seems I trust people too fast, at least that’s what they tell me. But I’ll never regret trusting you. Alright I’m getting weird. All I wanted to say was thank you for being my friend. And tell Lauren, Ryann, and Bex that I thank them too. And tell them that I think they’re nice.
    Love always, Gioia
    PS: the love always comes from one of my favourite books. But I’d say it’s appropriate here.

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