If I Let You Define Me

If people asked you about me

This is what you’d say: 

Her lips could make me smile 

Even though she never would. 

She was too much work,

Without all the right benefits. 

Pretty in bed,

But not in tears. 

When it came to love

Her heart unfailingly subdued her brain. 

She was smart enough to leave, 

but naive enough to stay. 

She knew I didn’t love her, 

But she tried to convince herself I did.

So she let me tell her it was okay 

Even when it wasn’t. 

A stupid girl that gave me what I wanted 

For  deception in return. 

Then she started to say no. 

The more I kissed her,

The more she pushed me away. 

The moment she was good enough for herself,

She wasn’t for me. 


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