Blogmas 2016! – Someone/Something That Made A Difference To You

Hey y’all! So in light of the Christmas season, I wanted to do a post on things that people have done for others that made a difference to them. Christmas is about giving and loving others, so I asked my two best friends, Ry and Laur if they would help out.

All three of us have typed out situations we’ve been in (coincidentally around Christmas time) and how someone helped us. (The experience is in italics and my comments are in bold). I hope you read til the end, I’m honestly really proud of this post.

First up, Ryann.

         It was this time two years ago and I was going through a really really hard time. I had  very bad depression, and it was to the point where I was hurting myself regularly. I had stopped on my own, and it was really hard to. My mother was getting me help with my counselor at the time and I opened up to her about what was happening to me. She told me to do things such as fix my chakra and look to my unconscious. I finally told my mom that I wanted to go to an actual doctor and get a mental evaluation. She and my step dad told me it was all in my head and I could fix it if I really wanted to. She talked about it as if it wasn’t a real thing. I didn’t know what to do, I was extremely suicidal, but then Aspen talked to me and asked if I was okay. Her asking me if  was okay was enough to help me push forward because I didn’t know anyone cared about me. I’ll always be thankful to Aspen, because in a way she helped me save my life. -Ryann 

At the time I was honestly terrified to say anything. We had only been friends for a year, but I already knew I couldn’t let something happen. I didn’t know how bad it was, but guys, I promise, please just say something even if you’re scared.Just speak up, you being scared will never amount to the feeling you’ll have if you know you could have said something.  You have no idea how many times I’ve looked at her and thought that there was no way I would be okay if she didn’t exist. But I can also say it wasn’t me that saved her, it was her. And no matter what she says I’ll always know how extremely strong she is, and I’ll always look up to her for that. So… thanks Ry. I love you. 

Next, Lauren.

         Last December I got a major jaw surgery. After I got it Aspen and her parents came to visit me in the hospital. She wrote me a super sweet card! Once I went home from the hospital Aspen would come over pretty much every day. We would do a lot of puzzles and she would just come over to be with me. My jaw was wired shut so I could not tell her how much it meant to me that she would be there for me even though I could not say anything. My mom swore that we had some kind of secret language because she knew exactly what I was trying to say. Anyways just the fact that she was there for me and to help me meant the world to me!     -Lauren (the favorite)
  Haha, oh Laur. You guys have no idea how much pasta we ate in those like 6+ weeks since she could only swallow food and not chew. And as I’ve mentioned in a post before, my parents actually weren’t going to take me to see her in the hospital that night. But I started full out bawling, I was so worried. I just HAD to make sure she was okay. And even though the whole thing sucked, I think it actually strengthened our friendship. We didn’t need words… we were just together. I hope I’ll always know what you’re trying to say 🙂 I love you Laurenzo. 
And now my turn.. wow I’ve struggled so hard to pick a situation where I’ve received help, there’s so many.
          So, everyone is probably assuming that I’m going to be talking about my health problems, but I’m not. Not today. Don’t get me wrong, I have received SO much support with it and am so extremely grateful for that. However, there is one time that came to mind when thinking of something that made a difference to me: my cousins.
          As I’ve mentioned before, I’m the oldest of all of us, 10 girls and 3 boys. And I know they love me, and want to be with me, but I’m still a teenager, so sometimes I feel like I don’t connect with them. But they always brighten my life. Each time I see any of them I can’t help but smile as wide as possible.  They teach me simple things like unconditional love, and how to laugh at stupid jokes. They show me what family really means. They’re some of my favorite people on this planet, just ask any of my friends how much I talk about them.
         But there was one night in specific that we were just rough housing in my grandma’s back yard and laughing our heads off. I don’t remember exactly what was happening but we were all showing off our purposely embarrassing dance moves. And then all of a sudden one of them goes, “This is so fun. Aspy showed us how to be ourselves and not be embarrassed” and another one goes “Yeah I’m happy when I can be crazy” and then one by one they all just go, “Yeah!” And keep dancing. But I’m just standing there tearing up. I’ll never forget that. I’ll never forget that I the ones I look up (well, down) to most look up to me. 
Okay, that was it! How did you like it? I actually really like this idea, and think that I am going to do another one, but this time featuring stories from YOU! If you have a story of a time that someone/ something made a difference to you (short or long) comment down below! I need enough to make an actual post, so don’t hesitate to comment 🙂
Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author 


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