2016 Blogger Awards – My Nominations!

Hey y’all! Sorry I’m so behind on posting this, life is crazy and it’s taking forever to pick people for each category. However, I’m super excited to write this, I love the idea! To nominate your favorite bloggers, everything is on this page.

Sidenote: Just because I don’t nominate you does NOT mean I don’t absolutely love you with all  my heart, as I mentioned above this was really hard in the first place.

P.S. My little brother just told me he thinks I have the blog of the century (like awww)

Okay sorry I’ll stop rambling, now onto the nominations:

Blogger of the Year: Elm from Just Elm. Elm has been here ever since I first started blogging, and she has also always been here as my friend since then. She’s just overall a great person who sometimes tries to help other a little too much  πŸ˜‰ It has to mean something if virtually everyone around here knows who she is, right? Plus I connect with the whole tree thing… (P.S. I am definitely NOT her ex-boyfriend xD)

Blog of the Year: The Artistics. Okay so this is kind of cheating since I’m part of it, but shh. I just think that it’s grown so much in the past year, and has a totally different element than other blogs that are around. Different people sharing different ideas, but all in the same place! Plus we have a magazine because we’re like totally cool, and the other people are great.

Kindest BloggerGioia from My Crazy World of Books Blog. Absolutely, 100%, no questions about it. Gioia is the kindest, sweetest person I have ever met in my entire life. She’s always there for me with a pick me up and a smile. She apologizes for talking about herself, and always makes me feel special. I am so grateful to have a friend, and an example like her.

Most Approachable Blogger: Fibit from well,  Fibit.  He’s so easy to talk to and always willing to offer up what seems so simple advice. You’ll definitely want to add him to your arsenal of friends if you haven’t already. He’s really funny and just great in general πŸ™‚

Best New Blogger: Edge from Edgy Concept. His blog is really cool guys, it’s really different. Plus he’s a pretty okay person even if he doesn’t like pineapple on pizza. Nah, I’m kidding he’s really great. I love being able to have out of the norm conversations with someone, and  he’s definitely a good person for just that.

Most Positive Blog: Teenella from uh, Teenella. I haven’t talked to her much, but I’ve always known of her and seen some of the things she’s done. She just seems super sweet, and spreads positivity. Especially with her new Secret Santa project!

Most Helpful Blogger:  Liv, from the  Inspirational Dreamer . She’s not blogging anymore and she used to always be here, so it’s a little different to not have her around. But we still talk almost daily and she’s still amazing and willing to help with anything. Just knowing that she still cares is enough to make me feel better πŸ™‚  So even if there won’t be any new posts, the old ones are definitely still worth reading.

Best Looking Blog: Colby from Dreams and Movie Screens. I don’t know how she got the cat to do the thing it does, but it’s SO cute. And I don’t even like cats. And the colors just compliment each other really well.

Most Relatable Blog: Allie from The Wondrous Life of Allie M. I always find myself relating to what she says whether its just talking to her or reading her posts!  She writes about things that I can connect with which is really cool! Go check out her blog!

Most Creative Blogger: Jerrod from Its Jerrod. This past year he created a joint blog called The Artistics which is based on creativity. He puts so much work into this blog and his own it’s crazy! I’ve loved being a part of the joint blog, and have got to see up close how much devotion he has to blogging.

Funniest Blogger: Abi from The Punk Butterfly. I always find myself laughing at the randomest things she writes because it’s totally something I would say! She’s just funny in general, and I love a good mix of sarcasm and humor.

The Wildcard: Liss & Dani from Life of Teen Girls. It seems like they’ve been around forever. I always look forward to seeing their posts. I’ve always thought it was cool that they started a blog together, and I’ve loved becoming good friends with the both of them πŸ™‚





17 Replies to “2016 Blogger Awards – My Nominations!”

  1. Awww thank you so, so much! This genuinely means the world to me! Also, my names isn’t EllaπŸ˜… And we should really talk more in the future! xx

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  2. Don’t worry, it’s fine! That might have been Elm’s nomination post? Umm, I’m currently deciding on a name to use when I’m blogging so you could just use Teenella πŸ™‚ Btw I’ve sent you an email about the Bloggers’ Secret Santa!

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