Hey y’all! So earlier today I was talking to Inf, and we have this ship name Infspen  (Its purely magical, not romantic btw) and I was just thinking about who you all ship in the blogging world.

So, we’re going you find out. You’ll all comment as many ships as you want and then we’ll take a vote and see who the Ultimate Blogging Ship is (except Infspen because like we’re #1, so got to keep this fair and all)

You can include us the creators, yourself, or any other bloggers you know.

And you guys should already know this is all fun games so don’t be nervous to comment people or anything because that’d be LAME.

I’m counting on you guys to comment, don’t be a silent reader, this won’t work if you don’t! I know you all have an idea of who you’d want to ship, don’t lie to me. I can smell lies.


Sidenote: The featured image is one of the models we have in my medical anatomy. The picture was just too good to not post….

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA the Author