Blogger Secret Santa

Hey y’all! This is a scheduled post, but it is scheduled for CHRISTMAS! So Merry Christmas!  Also, this whole thing was Teenella’s idea, so go check out her blog!

And without further adieu, the blogger I had was Courtney from LoveCourtneyx! 

Dear Courtney,

Since I have a WordPress blog, I’m very rarely exposed to any blogs on blogspot, so when I got the link to your blog I was curious to see one! After stalking your blog for a few days I really liked all of your blogmas posts. Especially the nail art one (because I can’t do anything like that, and was very impressed). I also agreed with your taste in movies! But then I wanted to know more about you so I went all the way back to your first post. And that’s where I found most of what we have in common!  I was also giggling at all the times you’ve gotten hurt (not masochistically, I swear xD) but I am also very accident prone.

Although I have to say that the one thing that made me gasp and literally want to text my friends about right away, was the fact that you’ve broken a phone in a car door. Whenever I tell people that I did it, they also ask me how it’s even possible. And now I know I’m not alone!  So i.f someone ever asks you that question, I got your back. Although I am curious as to how it happened to you… (I  had my phone in my jacket pocket which was tied around my waist, and it got caught in the door which I had slammed shut).

Another thing that we have in common is The Vamps. I’m not usually a big boy band kind of person, but when my friend exposed me to their music in 7th grade I really liked them! So when they came to concert with Austin Mahone and Shawn Mendes, back when they were little and not super popular (over here at least) we went to go see them in concert! They were really good, we still listen to their CD in the car. What are some of your favorite songs? I’ve always loved Jack for some reason.

But enough about things we have in common, and more about you! When I saw that you lived in Scotland I thought it was so cool! I live in plain, boring (not really but still) old America, and Scotland seems so different! Also good luck with your classes and exams (I sound like a creep talking about you when I haven’t talked to you xD) I hope they’re not too stressful (who am I kidding its school)

The other thing that I noticed is that you haven’t been blogging for too long. I really like your posts, and I hope you continue to write. I think you could grow your blog into something really neat! If this is something you enjoy right now, you’ll grow to love it. Even if it is stressful sometimes. I look forward to reading your next post!

Merry Christmas! Love, Aspen  AKA The Author




3 Replies to “Blogger Secret Santa”

  1. This was such a cute idea, I’m so sad I missed this 😦 But I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s Secret Santas! Let’s hope it’s done again next year!!xx

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