A Month by Month of 2016

Hey y’all! So 2016 is almost over! It’s been a pretty hectic year in terms on not only my life, but the world in general. Just like last year I’m going to do a wrap up of my year.  But this time instead of a Top Ten, I’m going to do it by month.

P.S. I started the year with 100 followers and ended with nearly 400, which is crazy. Thank you all SO SO much!


It’s crazy to think so far back, and know that it was still part of this year. In January, I went on a debate trip to ASU which was tons of fun! The post about that trip is here!

I also reached 100 followers which was super exciting for me! The post for that is here.



In February, my moms whole family drove down to St. George where it’s warm for a funeral. My moms cousin committed suicide which was horrible, but seeing family was great. We went hiking around Dixie Rock and explored. I also had a blast playing with all of the girls in our own hotel room. The post about the whole trip is here 


March was our spring break, and my family went down to Kanab to stay with my grandma. We got to ride/ drive the side by side, got to the pink sand dunes, and Aliyah and I explored around the cliffs in my grandma’s neighborhood. The post for that trip is here.


In April, I turned 16! That night I just went out to dinner with Lauren and my family. My friends and I had a party later on, which was really fun 🙂 (Also, the baby turned 2, like what?!) The link to my birthday post is here!


In May, both Lauren and Ryann turned 16 (on the same day actually, and I was supposed to be born just 4 days before that but I came early) and I wrote them a short little post. Because of this some of Lauren’s family came up from Texas so I got to meet them 🙂  I also took the AP European History test which was crazy long, but I ended up passing! Afterwards Lauren and I and our moms went on one of our first activity mother daughter date things together! The post talking about all that is here. AND its when we officially found out that Ry has dermatographia which means that you can like write on her skin and it stays there- in the picture below I wrote one of her nicknames on her back.

P.S. The middle picture is us with my cousin Aliyah having a shaving cream fight xD


In June, school ended the day before my 2nd Little Red Race. This year, my cousin Sienna decided to ride with us so we only did 50 miles (not that I could have done much more, it was SO BLASTED HOT) But I had tons of fun sharing one of my passions with her. Here’s that post!

The other thing I did in June was go on a road trip with Lauren!! We drove to Idaho by ourselves to stay with her grandparents for a few days and I had so so much fun! The link to that post is here 🙂


For the 4th of July my moms side of the family went up to the cabin at Bear Lake and we all stayed there and had tons of fun at the beach and boating. Plus you could see tons of fireworks from the deck. The post I wrote on this is linked here. 

The 5th I had girls camp so I was exhausted, but since I was a YCL (youth camp leader) this year I had to leave early. I had so much fun teaching the younger girls and spending time with my friends, and being able to feel the spirit. This was honestly where I became okay with all of my problems, and felt everything would be okay.

The last thing that happened in July, was this blog’s first anniversary!! I went out and celebrated with my friends and had lots of fun. I wrote 2 different posts about it, they’re here and here. 


In August I started 11th grade which  means only 1 year left of high school after this one! The weekend after school started, my dads family came up to the cabin and I took Lauren with me! We played a lot of pool, just swam in the lake, and went tubing on the boat. I tried surfing, but her knees were hurt. So we really spent a ton of time jamming out in the front of the boat.

And I’m not sure if this was July or August, so I’m going to put it here. But Lauren and I (and our moms) went to a Piano Guys concert! It was AMAZING! At the concert, we saw the pianist’s nephew propose to his girlfriend, Sony flew out to give them their golden record thing, AND they recorded the music video to their new song. So that means we’re in it (you can’t actually see us because it’s dark) but you should check it out anyways. The link is here!


In September, my family and I drove up to Afton/Star Valley, Wyoming to see the opening of the Star Valley temple. This is where both of my dads parents grew up so we got to go visit the family that was still there, and the old houses. The temple was gorgeous, and I expected to be. And my favorite room was the Bride’s Room. All of my great grandparents died wanting this temple to be built- and now its there.

We also went hiking the Intermitten Springs which my dad loved as a child, and I’ve been to a few times. The scenery is gorgeous, check out all of the pictures here!


This month I went to a haunted house for the first time with Ry and Laur and it was surprisingly really fun. Then my brother and I went to the Hogle Zoo with Lauren’s family. And my moms side of the family went to go see Thriller at Kingsbury Hall! American West Ballet puts on a show based on a bunch of Halloween themed things and its so cool.


This month was eventful, but in a different way than the others. A kid at my school, who just happened to be one of my cousins best friends committed suicide. Going through the whole experience again, was not great. That post is here. But thank goodness for my friends. They are so amazing. One day we had a short day, so we decided to go to my favorite park and just hang out and go to the cemetery there. I had tons of fun, and we took some cute pictures. Go look and the post I did on it, it turned out really well!


December was a lot of fun for me this year (and stressful) I had a great time shopping with Amy to buy things for people in need- it was a great experience. We got to actually volunteer at the store to set things up and stuff, and its one of my favorite things to do. The post to that is here. 

We threw my uncle a surprise birthday party on the 23rd and it was so fun! Plus I got to meet my cousins new puppy Thor who is SO CUTE.

Christmas was great, we spent the day at Amy and David’s after going to church (where I had to sing) and opening presents. I got new super soft Egyptian cotton sheets, a leather jacket, black heeled boots, Just Dance 2017, a speedometer for my bike, biking gloves, and a mirror for my bike.

The day after Christmas Spence and I went sledding with our cousins Sienna, Tessa, and Alec. And then my dads family came over and we played some games.


And that’s the end! Sorry it’s so long, comment down below something you did this year if you made it!

Love y’all! And Happy New Year!


15 Replies to “A Month by Month of 2016”

  1. Amazing post!! I’m glad you had an mazing year, let’s make 2017 even more awesome!!!! XD
    PS. that picture of the pool and the “wet floor” thing made me laugh REALLY HARD!! XD XD

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  2. No problem! I can imagine – recapping every single month and trying to remember what happened towards the start of the year must have been very hard! It looks brilliant though so it was worth it in the end 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sounds like you did a lot of fun stuff this year! I’m sorry about the hard stuff you went through with your mums cousin and your cousins best friend, but I’m glad you’ve done your best to overcome it. I loved the photos – posts with photos in always stand out and look so much better! Good luck for 2017, I’m sure it will be an even better year xx

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