Hey y’all! So Happy Valentines Day, I hope you had a good one. I had a good time, we had my favorite food for dinner (7-Up chicken) and my dad bought me my own pie (my favorite-double lemon cream obviously) and we went and watched Split (which if you know me, then you know I’m fascinated by serial killers)

I guess that’s enough of that, another topic of discussion is that I got asked to prom.


I put a picture but it says, “It’d be so sweet if you’d go to prom with me” with a bunch of candy conversation hearts that had letters of his name on them. One of my good friends that I’ve known since 7th grade asked me which is really cool, and I’m excited to go! I am just stuck in finding an idea on how to respond… if you have any ideas please comment them down below. And shout out to Sav for the other ideas, I’m still considering the fortune cookie one.

That night while I was driving home from dropping Lauren off at home, Ryann and I were just laughing because she called that I would get asked legit the first week of school and I denied it up and down, but here we are xD (She claims she has Aspen senses)

Are any of you going to prom or any version of it? If not, have you been in the past or would you like to go?

I’m gonna head to bed, I’ve been exhausted lately. Goodnighttt.

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author