The Blue Sky Tag

Hey y’all! I was nominated for the Blue Sky Tag, by Ash and Allie, thanks so much guys! I haven’t done a tag in a long while,  so I’m excited to do this one.

Also, sidenote, all of these have 11 things to do which is my favorite number because of my birthday, which happens to be tomorrow!

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank the person (people) who nominated you.
  2. Answer their 11 questions.
  3. Tag 11 people.
  4. Give them 11 questions to answer.

And now onto the questions I was given (since I was nominated twice I’ll just do some of both):

  1. A quote you live by? The one in the background of my blog by Christopher Poindexter. “The purpose of life is not just to be happy. The purpose of life, my love, is to feel. You must understand that your pain is essential”. OR ” May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong” by President Monson.
  2. Favorite song? Of all time, my favorite song is “Whiskey Lullaby” by Brad Paisley, its heartbreaking but beautiful. Right now my favorite song is, “Body Like a Back Road” by Sam Hunt, its super fun and upbeat.
  3. Who is your least favorite superhero? This one was actually tricky, because I have 2. First off, superman. He’s just boring to me. And then Captain America, which I know people are going to give me crap for but he’s so morally good it’s annoying. And I personally think he’s kind of self righteous.
  4. One thing you’ve done this week that you’re proud of? Actually finishing all of my AP homework and not withering away. I also remembered to tell everyone that had a birthday, Happy Birthday, which is an accomplishment because I know a crap ton of people born in April.
  5. Biggest Aspiration? Hmm, well either to just live a happy meaningful life, but I also really want to be a pediatric cardiologist- so that is my main aspiration in life.
  6. If you are granted 1 wish by a fairy what would you ask for? I think that I’d ask for a trip around the world without missing any schoolwork or having to pay for anything so that I can meet people and just travel.
  7. Can you speak a second language? If no, what language do you wish you were fluent in? I’m not fluent, but I can speak quite a bit of Spanish since I’ve been taking it for 4 years. But I definitely want to become totally fluent. I need a Spanish tutor or something.
  8. What’s the best kind of day? My favorite kind of day is somewhat overcast but warm so that I can stay outside all evening and just play games or sports running around with my friends and family. Ooh, or a day at Bear Lake hanging out on the boat and the beach all day.
  9. Top 3 favorite song lyrics.  I can’t sit here forever and find my actual top 3, but these are ones I do really like.  “Papa loved Mama, Mama loved men, Mama’s in the graveyard, Papa’s in the pen” by Garth Brooks. “She rushes out to hold him, thankful he’s alive, but on the wind and rain a strange new perfume blows. And the lightnin’ flashes in her eyes, and he knows that she knows” also by Garth Brooks. And then, “She put him out like the burnin’ end of a midnight cigarette” by Brad Paisley.
  10.  Your greatest accomplishment? Normally I would say my 100 mile bike ride, but right now I’m just proud of how I’ve led myself so far and the decisions I’ve been able to make that led me to be responsible and valuable in work, relationships, and even church.
  11. Favorite character name? The one that comes to mind is Jessamine Lovelace from The Infernal Devices.

Well that’s 11, I hope you guys enjoyed reading my answers! Here are my questions:

  1. Were you a cute or ugly baby?
  2. Would you rather live in the times of the Old West, or medieval times?
  3. If you could only have sweatshirts or sweatpants which would you pick?
  4. If you could know 1 thing about the world what would it be?
  5. Least favorite food?
  6. A song you can’t stand but always sing when it comes on.
  7. What do you call hair elastics where you live? (i.e. ponytails,etc)
  8. Favorite scent of soap?
  9. At the beach would you rather stay playing in the sand or actually swim?
  10. If you could move to another country, would you? If so, where?
  11. If you had the ability to teleport to 1 person right now, who would it be?

And I nominate:

  1. Elly
  2. Lu Reads
  3. Trish
  4. Edge
  5. Caitlin
  6. Jags
  7. Hideaway Girl
  8. Liss and Dani
  9. Sams Honest Corner
  10. Diversion 3000
  11. Gioia

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author


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