What I Accomplished in 2017

Hey y’all… Wow it’s been literally forever since I’ve written on here. The last post I wrote was about my trip to Disneyworld… over the summer. Now it’s winter break, my last winter break, specifically. There’s 151 days til graduation (not that anyone’s counting…) and I can’t believe that this was the last Christmas I’ll ever spend before I begin my life as an adult.

{Okay I’m still finishing this and now there’s only 129 days til graduation…)

Since I’ve been absent for half of the year, and VERY busy, I figured there was no better place to write down what I accomplished in 2017.

  1. I turned 17! I’ve actually really enjoyed it for some unknown reason, but I’ll be 18 in 79 days anyways.
  2. Like I already mentioned in my last post, I went to Nationals for HOSA with my best friend in Disneyworld!
  3. I am now HOSA President, VP of Spanish Club, and a member of seminary council which is a church thing.
  4. I got a car!! Yes you heard it, I now have my own mode of transportation, I really don’t know how I survived without it before now. Its a 2010 Mercury Mariner and it’s red which is just great- although to be honest the best part is the heated seats. 20170904_175939.jpg
  5. I left the country for the FIRST TIME EVER! My family went on a cruise to Mexico and I had a BLAST! My favorite part was probably zip-lining! 20171019_152758
  6. My new baby cousin, Chloe was born and I am OBSESSED guys. She is SO freaking cute, and we haven’t had a baby on that side of my family for 12 years! Snapchat-392073769.jpg
  7. One of my now best friends Hailee, joined our “main circle” I guess you could say, and I just couldn’t imagine life without her now!  20180115_150546.jpg
  8. I started (and finished) by Emergency Medical Technician class! It was by far one of the best experiences I’ve had in my entire life. I finished with the highest percentage in the class (116%) and I am actually really proud of myself. Plus I found something I LOVE!
  9. I rode a bike for the first time in about 8 months! I dislocated my knee over the summer while wake-surfing, and after months and months and months of physical therapy I was finally able to ride again this week, and I had no idea how much I missed it.
  10. I got into a few colleges, but especially the top 2 I had in mind! First was Dixie State, which I got a full ride scholarship to, but is 4 hours away, and next was the University of Utah which I’ve been dreaming about since I was little. Snapchat-929113129.jpg
  11. I was on the news, twice! (Well, both in Spanish and English). For my EMT class we had a day where the heavy rescue team brought all of their tools and we pretended that there had been a car crash and we had to treat patients while they tore the cars apart and it was seriously EPIC y’all. 20180105_124413.jpg




Well that’s it for now, it’s so weird to be writing a post and adding all the pictures and y’know all that blogging stuff. I hope y’all liked it!

And yeah.. that’s it (man this is so awkward, how did I used to end these things??)

-Aspen AKA The Author

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