Hey y’all! 5 days ago I had my EIGHTEENTH birthday! I know, it’s insane to me too. It was genuinely one of the best birthday’s I have ever had.

Lauren came to my house in the morning with balloons (which one of them had popped actually XD) and a CACTUS. If you don’t already know, I love cacti and this new one is so cute, his name is Spikasaurus Rex ( I know I’m genius).  We left school at around 11 to go get lunch at Culver’s, one of my favorite fast food restaurants, because french fries on your birthday are a necessity.


Then we had to get her tire changed before heading back to Zurcher’s to get another number 8 balloon before heading to take pictures at Gardner Village. I have a serious problem with laughing in basically every picture that is taken of me.

After pictures we came back to my house where I saw my car which had been getting fixed for the last week so I was super psyched! The house was also decorated which was SO cute because we don’t usually do anything like that for birthdays but my parents and little brother went all out.

We also watched an episode of Criminal Minds (Is it even my birthday if I don’t watch some Criminal Minds?) The rest of my friends started to come over and we FINALLY got to eat my favorite dinner ever, which is 7-Up chicken (my dad cooked it in the smoker this time, and agh, so good) funeral potatoes, and salad.

Since I got a new engine in my car for my birthday (what everyone wants, right?) my parents gave me a huge box of goldfish because I’m OBSESSED with a bag of Laffy Taffy and Peach Rings (my favorite candy). Bex got me a square balloon (LOVE) with a few of my favorite things, i.e, fuzzy socks, vanilla coke, baby goldfish, and a Kit Kat. Hailee got me a card for dinner and an activity.

Even though I’m technically an adult now, I chose to have a throwback nerf war, disco ball lights and battle music included. It was easily one of the most fun things I’ve ever done, I highly suggest it. Especially a version we like to call Hunger Games-James Bond where you put all of the ammo and weapons in the middle and have to run to them and then it’s everyone for themselves.


After our epic battle we had cake, where my brother sang as out of key as he possibly could. Everyone except Lauren went home so we watched another episode of Criminal Minds which is always the perfect way to end any day.

This Saturday Em, Hai, Laur, and I went to Honeyville to Crystal Hot Springs and it was a blast! We had lots of driving which means there was a lot of singing. We all decided that we’re going to laminate our homework so we can study while relaxing in the hot springs xD

Thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday,  my friends and family are completely amazing and I love them so much for making my day special! Here’s to an amazing year!

Love y’all!- Aspen AKA The Author

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