So Close I Can’t Believe It

Hey y’all! I’m writing this just a few hours before my last high school final EVER. Granted it’s my current least favorite subject and I’m freaking out that I’ll fail, but STILL. After this, I have 4 days of high school left until GRADUATION.

It’s still so mind blowing to me that it is so close and I am actually going to college next fall. I’ll talk more about that in a later post, but for now I’m typing mainly to calm down my nerves before this test.

On Thursday my main group of friends and their families are coming over to my house for a barbecue and I’m so excited! This year it’s been rare that we’re all together at the same place, and after this I don’t know when I’ll see all of them next which is terrifying. They mean the world to me and we have become so close these past years.

After graduation, is my family party which I am also really excited for. On my mom’s side I’m the oldest and therefore, the first one to graduate so it’s pretty cool for everyone. And on my dad’s side I’m still only the 2nd one to graduate.

And then 3 days after graduation, my parents, me, my little brother, and my grandparents are flying to EUROPE FOR A MONTH. I am so stoked, this is the first time any of us have left the continent. We are going to London,  Normandy and Paris, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Greece.

The last & next few months have been, and will be the craziest of my entire life thus far. Not only did I become an adult, and I’ll finish high school and start college, but I’m also moving away from the life I’ve known for 18 years.

I’m terrified but also so excited for what’s coming next. Let me know if any of you have any exciting summer plans below!

Love y’all (Wish me luck on this math final!),

-AKA Aspen

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