Hey y’all! Well it’s only been about a month since I last wrote yet my life has completely changed in the last few weeks. I just got home from my 3 week trip around Europe ( but that’s a post for next time)

3 days before I left for Europe I GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL!!

It’s one of the days you always think about and know is coming, but never think will happen. The whole experience was surreal. Before the ceremony I was sitting in a hallway with around 1500 other girls I had just spent the last 3 years of my life with. Hundreds of people I had befriended, made jokes with, or shared notes with. Many of them I spoke to on a daily basis.And 5 of them I stood next to wondering how we survived high school. Compared to many others,  I would say my friend group went through some very difficult things and we somehow stuck together.

The ceremony itself was actually really great, Lauren and I sat next to this hilarious kid who kept talking about how he was going to get wasted . Our principal is switching schools next year so his speech was actually a video that was super good! His motto (and our schools) is “we bow to no one” so at the end he got up and told us that he respected us and loved us so much and then he literally bowed to us on stage. All 800+ of us were shocked to say the least. ALSO, I surprisingly didn’t trip on stage even though I was hearing heels!

After the ceremony I went to dinner with my family, but then we all met up again for Senior Sunset. Basically the school rented out a recreation center til 4 a.m. so we got to do rock climbing, basketball, volleyball, ping pong, air hockey, zumba, swimming, etc all night long. They even had karaoke and Just Dance set up, and unlimited ice cream. It was really weird to leave the building knowing that I would never see most of them ever again.

The really odd part though is that graduation didn’t hit me hard, but now being home from my trip everything just seems a little different. Maybe it’s just knowing that in less than 2 months this won’t really be home for me anymore. Today I walked up the street to one of my best friends’ houses and it hit me that the walk I’ve been making for 5 years will end.

I don’t really know how I feel about it. I’m really excited about college and meeting new people, but change is hard.

Stay tuned for my post about Europe!! Love y’all!

-Aspen AKA The Author

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