What You May Gain by Traveling Europe

Hey y’all! So like I mentioned in my last post about graduation- the last month or so has kind of changed a lot of things about my life. First off my grandparents told me a few days ago I can’t live with them anymore so I’ve been scrambling to find somewhere to live before the 2nd week of August??? (Just me, I swear I legit have the worst luck in the universe)


ANYWAYS I did have the amazing chance to travel to 5 European countries for my senior trip with my family for most of June. It definitely made this summer memorable, so without further adieu, here is a list of things you may gain if you travel Europe.


  1. Catch phrases your grandparents use, primarily being, “Let’s blow this popsicle stand” which may or may not now be included in my everyday vocabulary.
  2. One less favorite earring, ( I know it’s backwards, but I’m bitter. Stupid Paris.)
  3. Really weird tan lines because said countries don’t have the same weather. And also your favorite sandals happen to make the letter “Z” on the top of your feet.
  4. The ability to walk 10 miles a day because your father is insane.
  5. Also the ability to live on 1-2 meals a day because said father thinks he needs a picture of every old building.
  6. If you live somewhere with free public restrooms, you will definitely gain a deeper appreciation of them.
  7. Extreme thirst, because paying for water is weird.
  8. Approximately 5,000 pictures because admittedly, all the old buildings are pretty cool.
  9. New random friends who help you figure out the train systems in multiple countries.
  10. An obsession with gelato.
  11. A British boyfriend*
  12. A knack for train systems because after 3 weeks you’re basically a pro ( and you miss your car)
  13. A new sense of confidence from seeing so many people in so many places just going on with their lives and rocking on with their bad selves, and realizing you can too.
  14. A new phone, because yours got stolen on a bus in Greece.
  15. SO many memories (good, bad and everything in between) that I’ll have with me for a longggg time.


*I know, no one is as surprised as I am xD

All in all, it was a veryyy long, educational, fun, and crazy trip! This summer has definitely been the most adventurous one yet. What do you guys gain from traveling whenever you go, either good or bad? I love y’all!

-Aspen AKA The Author


2 Replies to “What You May Gain by Traveling Europe”

    Seriously though, I’m so glad you had a good time. Gelato is amazing and I know exactly what you mean about the train systems and the water πŸ˜€ ALSO when we were in Austria, we sometimes had 1 meal a day too because I don’t seem to get as hungry whilst abroad? It’s strange. Your trip sounds so so wonderful – getting new experiences like that are the best part of growing up. I also really hope you find a place to live soon! xx

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