He Didn’t Tell Me

Before you, it was him.

And he told me that he loved me, and he told me that I was attractive.

But he didnt tell me I was beautiful.

He didn’t tell me that I was tough, or brave, or loving, or caring, or selfless.

He didn’t tell me that I can do anything I want

or that he just wants to see me happy.

That he respects me.

My body, my thoughts, my emotions, my opinions.

He never told me all of the things you tell me now.

Which is why he’s in the past and you’re my future.

-A.K.A. The Author


2 Replies to “He Didn’t Tell Me”

  1. Wow this was goooood. I so want you to write a part two for this poem titled “he didn’t tell me, so I told myself” and make it overflow with self love. I missed reading your work !!!

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