I’ve always believed that people carry a special energy with them, a positive or negative magnetism if you will.

I’ve also always considered myself to be observant of this magnetism. It may sound unreasonable or judgmental, but within moment of meeting someone I could decide whether I felt “right” or “off” with someone for seemingly no reason at all.

Take for instance my brother’s best friend from elementary who turned out to be a bully, or the girl in 10th grade orchestra everybody loved (except me) who apparently didn’t mind which boys had girlfriends.

On the other hand, take the girl who I went to classes with for years and then went to her house one time and never stopped. What about the girl that I talked to the first day of 7th grade despite the fact that we have nearly nothing in common who I still talk to more than most people? And the boy across the world that has kept my attention for more than 8 months after one afternoon?

I think that most people would agree that there’s some people you just get along with and some you just don’t. I wonder if anyone else would agree a large part of that is decided before the first word is ever spoken.

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