Chapter 2

I’m sorry it’s so short! And I know excuses don’t count but I’m sick and still have hw……  But here it is:

I regain conciousness moments later in the back seat of a car. Pain smothers my sweaty legs which are stuck to the leather seats.
The door above my head is pulled open as people reach in to pull me out. I’m laid out on a stretcher and pulled out of the parking lot.
I recognize the tan hospital building from last winter when I tripped over the couch and broke my wrist.
My eyebrows huddle in confusion, “I’m not hurt. Why am I here?”
A nurse in dark purple scrubs glances down at me “You have some serious burns around your ankles. What were you doing walking in a burnt down house?” She shakes her head and keeps walking.
I must’ve been looking for Blake and Heidi I decide. But Blake and Heidi are gone, and they’re never coming back. I force myself to ignore the feeling of Heidi snuggling her head into my neck when she gets shy. And the sound of Blake chuckling every time I tripped.
“You must be in a lot of pain sweetie. ” Not the kind you think I grimace bitterly.
“So we’re going to put you under, okay?”
Yes, thank God. “Yes.”

So…..that’s it. Sorry *winces*

-AKA Aspen


The Beautiful Blogger Award


Guess who was nominated for the beautiful blogger award! This girl!!! Thanks truckloads (I say that alot…) to Teenage Lunatics. Check out her amazing blog!

Here’s the rules:
1. Thank the completely stunning blogger who nominated you and link their blog. (See above…. obviously)
2. List 7 random things about yourself
3. Nominate 7 equally beautiful bloggers.
4. Notify each of them that you nominated them!

Okay so 7 random things about me (As if you’d actually want to know more…)

1. I’m kinda ambidextrous. I write and play sports with my right hand, but eat and do everything else with the left.

2. I’ll only eat with small forks. I don’t know why, but normal sized forks just bother me.

3. I don’t like chocolate cake, cupcakes, frosting, ice cream, cookies  etc. The only expections are brownies, and candy bars.

4. I am a really big sports fan, my family has season tickets to a college football team in my area. My dad also coaches almost every sport, and I play basketball.

5. My best friends live really close. One is down 2 streets, one is up the street from me, and the other is 8 houses away.

6. I’m obsessed with Mortal Kombat X. I do play video games, just not avidly expect for with Bex. It is pretty gory, but it’s awesome.

7. My ALL TIME favorite Disney movie is Mulan. I have the entire movie memorized. Mulan us so badaspen (See what I did there?) And Mushu is the best character.

So there you go, 7 random facts about yours truly 🙂

These are the wonderful 7 nominees: (In no particular order)
1. Dreams and Movie Screens
2. Sunny
3. Every Word You Say
4.One Million Words Can’t Make A Wrong Write
5.Autumn Accepts
6. Elm
7. The Adorable Artist

-AKA Aspen

Writing Collab??


Okay so seeing as this is a writing blog, (aka the AUTHOR) I’m realizing that I actually don’t post alot of my writing. 

This leads to the first part of this post: I will be updating Chapter 2 by Friday at the latest.

Part two: I was talking with Elm, about her new writing blog, and asked if she wanted to do a collab.

So to get the point, I was wondering if anyone else would like to collab (Including you Elm) for writing.
Here are the options I come up with, but feel free to add your own!

1. We both use the same writing prompt and see what we each come up with.

2. We intermix characters and ideas to create a story with alternating “mini chapters” by each person.

3. We give the other person a prompt they have to write about.

4. We each pick our own prompt, but have to use the sams characters.

If you’d want to, comment below! I’d love to do something like this with ya’ll 🙂

Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.

-AKA Aspen

A Poem

Yes, it is cliche. Yes, this was an actual conversation. Yes, I know that’s weird.

Sometimes I just feel like I’m drowning. Like my heart is being weighed down further and further into an ocean of misery while I’m stuck floating on the surface as if nothings wrong. Because the moment someone starts  flailing and struggling visibly it’s shrugged off as wanting attention.
I feel like I’m trying to hold so many people above the surface that I can’t focus on keeping myself afloat. So when these huge waves come I fall even farther and somehow get blamed for dragging the people I was trying to save with me.

I wasn’t going to post this but……. here it is.

-AKA Aspen

My Comfort Zone

Today, I went to one of my most visited places, the hospital. My home away from home, I’ve never been uncomfortable with hospitals before. In fact, the friendly smiles from nurses and odd glances from strangers are familiar. In a way the hospital is my comfort zone, but not today.

I was with my family going to visit my great grandmother. She has water on her lungs, a really bad heart, has gone blind, and will turn 85 in October.

She is an amazing person, extremely kind, but also very sassy. “You should know, I’m a character” She loves to say.

To give a little background, she is my dad’s grandma and since my dad’s father passed away when I was a baby they’re really close.
Like REALLY close, he goes to visit her every day for lunch and she even calls him “the golden child.”

Anyways, today when I went to visit her, she looked terrible. She can barely talk and her eyes are almost swollen shut.
By the time we got her sat up and were having a conversation I felt sick. Emotionally, mentally, physically sick.

I grabbed my mom’s purse to get a piece of gum, and my grandma said, “You came to visit me and you’re getting you’re phone?”
“No grandma, I’m getting some gum.”
I then proceeded to roll the wrapper around in my fingers until it was almost black and see-through.

Then the guys from the hospital came to give her the sacrament (something from our religion), and during the prayer I started crying and nearly bit through my lip. 
Before we left, my dad took some pictures and she kept worrying about her hair 🙂
She made us all grab her hand and told us she loved us. Which I’m pretty sure was a goodbye.

I don’t deal well with goodbyes, I hate goodbyes.

-AKA Aspen

Q and A


As you can probably tell, I was nominated to do the Q and A tag by the amazing and lovely, Elm
and Teenage Lunatics. Thank you so much, it means truckloads!!

1. Respond and rework, answer the questions and change the ones you don’t like.
2. Nominate 7 other people!

I’m going to take some of the questions from Elm, and add some of my own.

1. What is your current book obsession?
Well I just finished 13 Reasons Why. It was really good, and gave me an interesting perspective on suicide.

2. Favorite author?
Well this is ridiculously difficult but one of my favorites is Cassandra Clare.

3. Fashion style?
Jeans and t-shirts my friends jeans a t-shirts. (At least it’s a step up from basketball shorts…)

4. Hair?
Really long dark brown with a little bit of auburn. I recently got it layered though and it’s the shortest it’s ever been.

5. Favorite songs to play on cello?
I love playing Phantom of the Opera, Pirates of the Caribbean, and some Brian Crane songs.

6. Why is today special?
Well we’re going to see my great grandma in the hospital for what may be the last time before she passes away. And it’s my cousin Sienna’s 13 birthday l, so happy birthday to her!

7. What is something you would like to learn?
I want to learn to play another instrument other than cello, and learn more languages.

8. Future plans?
I want to go to either medical school or do something with human behavior. I also want to go on a mission, have a family, and travel!

9. What are you listening to right now?
Hymns. I’m currently in sacrament meeting at church.

10. Favorite color?
Purple or red.

11. What job did you want as a kid?
I’ve always wanted to be a doctor. Probably because I was, and still am always injured.

12. Most challenging goal right now?
Trying to balance friendships. And adding school to the mix also.

13. What can you not live without?
Mi familia, including my non-blood related friends. They’re family too.

14. How was your childhood.
Really good, other than my many hospital visits.

15. Favorite book of all time?
Okay so I love The Mortal Instruments, and To Kill A Mockingbird, but ever since childhood my favorite book has been Oh, The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss

16. What would you like to get rid of?
The thought in society that somehow telling us to be ourselves, and telling us we’re not good enough makes sense.
Oh and every other bad thing in the world 😉

17. What are you most excited for?
Either debate team or basketball.

18. What’s your favorite type of music?
Country all the way.

19. Which countries have you visited?
Sadly, only the US of A. But I hope to visit a ton!

20. The last movie you watched?
Mulan! My all time favorite Disney movie!

I nominate (In no particular order)
1. Dreams and Movie Screens
2.One Million Words Can’t Make A Wrong Write
3.Every Word You Say
4.Autumn Accepts
5.Katie Bun
6.Teenage Lunatics

-AKA Aspen

As of Now

As of now, debate class is completely legit (Yes, I said legit). We had to do an impromptu speech on ourselves and then write the outline for impromptu speeches where you get a topic, one minute of prep time, and have to talk for six minutes.

Next for English, we had to read To Kill A Mockingbird, and although the beginning sort of drags on, the rest is amazing! I highly recommend reading it, I learned a lot.

And lastly, orchestra. So in my class is my best friend Bex, and our other friend I’ll call Lewis, (Like C.S. Lewis, get it?) who is actually a best friend. I’ve known both of them for about three years. . And then there’s the new kid, Charles. (Charles Dickens….) He likes Criminal Minds too so it was basically an automatic friendship. Long story short, he’s joined our trio.

And I really wanted to write something meaningful, and worth reading, but right now I’m writing a short story and kind of just giving an update. Los sientos mis amigos (Sorry my friends).

If you want me to upload the short story I’m currently writing, comment below! A new chapter update should be up by tomorrow too so…..

Have an awesome, amazing day!