College Update!

Hey y’all! I’m currently writing from inside the Science building like a true college student.  If you didn’t know, I’m currently a freshman at Dixie State University. Today is my 3rd day and so far I’ve really liked it! This year I’m taking Intermediate Spanish, Biology and the Biology Lab, Kundalini Yoga, Psychology, Human Development through the Lifespan, and Medical Terminology.

Saying goodbye to my parents and little brother was actually pretty hard, especially when my mom started bawling immediately. Watching them drive away was a really weird feeling because I was really sad… but also really excited at the same time. I haven’t gotten home sick thus far ( go me xD) but I did tear up a little this morning while texting my brother because today is his 16th birthday. It’s the first birthday/holiday that I’m not home for which is a little sad, but since I’m the best sister ever (obviously) I ordered the game he’s really been wanting on Amazon so he has something from me to open.

I live in a little house with one other girl who I really like! We spent one of the nights watching TLC (can someone say guilty pleasure television?) and it was super fun! I also got a new mattress and I looooove ittttt.

Welp I am also great at procrastinating and so now its the weekend after my 2nd week of college and the homework is starting to flow in (help plz).

On Saturday I drove an hour out to my grandma’s house with Lauren to see my baby cousin! She’s almost 9 months now and she’s so so cute! She is starting to get a sense of “stranger danger” but still let me hold her for the most part thankfully. My uncle from Arizona and his girlfriend also came and brought this really good pie from a small shop in the middle of nowhere essentially xD


Oh, also! My allergy to high fructose corn syrup has decided to show up again which means that I had to get rid of all the food that has it since I’m trying to keep myself alive over here.  Thankfully I got in the habit of buying certain brands that already don’t have HFCS in it like ketchup and bread, but basically all the candy and sweets and stuff like that had to go. (Oh and btw for those who live outside of the U.S. high fructose corn syrup is in like everything).

Overrall everything has been going pretty good and I’ve really liked living on my own and going to college instead of high school. I’m hoping to be able to keep actively blogging, so we’ll see how that goes!

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author


From 4, 858 Miles to Zero

Hey y’all! Since the last post I have now moved to St.George and finished my first week of college! It’s been crazy, and fun, but that’s a post for another time. I’m clearly behind but I thought that I would still write about when my boyfriend, Ewan, came to Utah a few weeks ago!

ALSO QUICK INTERVENTION: In the midst of all the craziness going on, I didn’t even realize that I passed the THIRD ANNIVERSARY OF MY BLOG. When I started writing as akatheauthor 3 years ago I never thought it would have led me to all the things it has today. I’m so thankful and I love you all! 

So it all started when he flew in on Tuesday night, *flashbacks to me freaking out in my car in the airport parking garage and snap chatting Lauren frantically about how to not get lost*. Luckily I actually figured out where I was going and even remembered how to get back to my car (yay me) all whilst my brain was going 100 million miles an hour xD. After the airport we had to head straight to meet my parents at the movie theater to watch Mission Impossible Fallout, which was actually pretty good even though I’m pretty sure we spent most of it whispering to each other. Also like can you say that your first kiss with your S.O. happened at the airport?? Didn’t think so…

The next day we spent the morning dancing around the kitchen while making pancakes before driving downtown to see Temple Square. We also got a tour of the conference center from this really cute old lady. After finally tracking down my car in one of the 5 zillion parking garages we headed to hike Ensign Peak which has a view of all of Salt Lake City! That night we went to Texas Roadhouse, one of my favorite places for dinner with my parents and I may or may not have been the mean (but hilarious) gf and told the waiter that it was his birthday so he had to sit on the saddle and have everyone sign to him.

Thursday we met my mom, and some of my aunts and cousins at Silver Lake and then hiked to Twin Lakes. All of my cousins are little girls so it was funny to see their reactions to him and at one point the youngest, Ivy (who I was giving a piggy back ride) whispered in my ear to ask if he was my boyfriend.

Friday we went to Lagoon, which is an amusement park. I love love roller coasters and heights and everything that most adrenaline junkies and even though Ewan isn’t the biggest fan of heights he was a good sport and let me drag him around. We even went on the scariest one, Cannibal and he only told me he hated me a few times xD. My cousins were also there and by the evening Ivy had completely warmed up to him ( it was adorable) and we had done whoopsy- daisy with her across the entire park. That night my family made the 3 hour drive to Bear Lake in my dad’s truck so in the back seat I was in between Ewan and my little brother who both proceeded to pass out- on me.

Saturday we woke up in my favorite place on Earth and went boating. Ewan and I went tubing together and everyone on the boat thought it was hilarious because he was just sitting there taking the waves whilst my body was flopping all over the place as per usual, but it’s still tons of fun. On the way back to the marina the waves were crazy bumpy so my back started hurting really bad and I had to lay down across the seats, but he was so sweet about it. I tend to grip my arm really hard to try and distract myself with pain in a different area but when he noticed he grabbed my hand. Later that night we got to go to a demolition derby which is essentially where a bunch of crappy cars go into an arena and crash into each other until only one can still move – and yes its just as western and redneck and American as you think it is- and I love it. It was so fun to be able to show him something he had never experienced before but was something I have really liked growing up.

Sunday morning we drove into Idaho to hike Bloomington Lake which is super pretty. We also got the best shakes ever from the gas station in Bear Lake (it’s a hidden gem) the raspberry is the classic favorite but turns out they have a really good mint one too! I proceeded to get my butt kicked in even more rounds of Go Fish ( I blame my bad luck) before the boys went golfing and I just tagged along. I did get to drive the go cart which is really fun but it doesn’t go fast enough, and at one point I was elbow deep in freezing water with soaking wet shoes to get one of my dad’s golf balls.

Monday was Ewan’s birthday! It was really fun to be there for it even if I got beat in even more card games (seriously people). We had a long drive home which we spent listening to music and sing/dancing to each other whilst my parents gave us weird looks, but it was so much fun. We stopped at a really good restaurant called the Beehive Grill for lunch and I got to talk to his mom and sister and they’re so sweet, I’m really excited to meet them!! Before going home we stopped at Sam’s Club to get a cake and tried on these really funny costume animal heads which is now one of my favorite pictures of us because it’s super silly. Then fast forward to my mom walking in on us making out (yikes man) and then falling asleep watching Insidious because we stayed up way too late way too many times before some really yummy cake. And completely random fact but we were playing some NBA game on the PlayStation with my brother and I somehow made a shot from all the way across the court on accident (#baller).

Tuesday we went with my best friend Lauren and little brother Spencer to the Great Salt Lake and met up with my aunt and cousins who live nearby.  We climbed black rock and then went to a rope swing in the middle of nowhere where I proceeded to not only trip over a log, slip down the entire side of a mud hill, but also get rope burn and massive handprint size bruises on my thighs (pure talent I’m telling you) Ohhh, and then on the way back to the car I’m pretty sure I got bit by a spider but my toe swelled up really big and it really hurt. After that whole ordeal we swam in the mill pond and then went back to my aunts house to watch my uncle and his cousins rope some cows on horseback which is always cool. Then we rushed home and threw some pillows and blankets into the truck before heading to the drive-in movies for our first official date! We stopped at 7- Eleven for some snacks and it sounds cringy and stupid and I’m not generally one for cutesy things, but that night was honestly perfect. Just laying in the back of the truck watching the movie all cozied up was something that you could literally dream about (and there were even stars out!)

The next afternoon he helped me brush up on my soccer (football, sorry) skills, that don’t exist. And then we went to Topgolf with Spencer and Lauren again (another sport I have exactly zero skill at), but it was still so much fun. After we picked up Lauren’s little brother and went to my favorite type of store on the planet- a cookie dough shop called Dough Co. The flavor of the month was butterbeer and it was actually really good! Later that night all my friends came over to meet him while we roasted marshmallows (S’mores are another thing he had never tried before). It was pretty funny because they were all saying how weird it was to see being affectionate even in the slightest because I usually wouldn’t even hold hands with someone in front of them, but with him I didn’t even care. They all really liked him (which I knew they would) and I laughed way too much going over all of our old inside jokes and more.

Thursday was our last full day together so we opted to do something just ourselves and head up into the canyon again. We stopped at Wal-mart (for the true American experience) to pick up some snacks (raspberry filled, powdered sugar donuts for the win) before driving to Little Cottonwood. The road was closed so we ended up finding a little river just off the side of the road to have lunch at. It was so much fun to just sit there talking about the trip and the future and making a bunch of dumb jokes. Literally no matter what we’re doing he can always make me smile or laugh, its a little ridiculous to be honest (like let me be moody… jk, jk)  After our hiking adventure, I took him out to meet my grandparents where we played more card games before heading home to my favorite dinner everrrrrrrrr, 7-Up chicken!! Ewan liked it (and goldfish) so I didn’t have to break up with him, thankfully 😉 Then I realized that he had still never had an ice cream sandwich so in order to stop a full on crisis we ran to the grocery store to grab a box and 2 journals which we now write in (almost) daily to each other because we’re just super cute that way.  Before heading home we made one last stop at a lookout point in just off the highway to *ahem* look at all the city lights (the view is actually amazing).

The next morning was bittersweet from the get-go. I turned on Thor but we ended up just cuddling and falling asleep which in my book, is pure bliss. Eventually we had to face reality and pack his bag to go home. The last stop before the airport was a little restaurant called Iceberg that has really good fries and fry sauce, but most importantly Grasshopper (mint) shakes which just happen to be Ewan’s favorite. (Sidenote: he actually ate the fry sauce-so proud). The shake was amazing (and HUGE) as always, we didn’t even finish it between the two of us. We had one last car jam session that involved me driving with one hand because I didn’t want to let go of his (drive safe, kids) xD. Once we got to the airport all hopes of not crying kind of went out the window and I’m sure I looked like a mess. I definitely hugged him one too many times, but walking away was honestly one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. I already hate goodbyes, but this was a particularly difficult one.

However, as sucky as that was, overall the trip was an ABSOLUTE BLAST and I can’t wait til I see him again because ever minute was a party and I laugh so much there’s a chance I may actually have ab muscles at some point. I’m not one for sappy lovey dovey stuff but then this one boy came along and now “aw” is part of my regularly used vocabulary, Skype is my most used app, and couple things don’t make me want to throw up xD And I know you’re reading this so just thought I would say I miss you and I love you, I have literally zero patience so having to wait so long to see you is killing me, but it’s all worth it. Don’t forget that goldfish build character and that dino nuggets are life, truffle butter is my fav, and you know the rest 😉



Congrats if you made it to the end of this super long post! Thanks for reading, I love y’all!

-Aspen AKA The Author

My Summer Bucket List!

Hey y’all! Since this is my last summer in high school *gasp* I decided that I might as well make it a good one, so here’s my summer bucket list! 

P.S. The pictures are from Lauren’s yard- we had a rose petal fight. 

  1. Do a bike race 
  2. Go to a drive-in movie 
  3. Go camping with my friends
  4. Make a photo album
  5. Go to the mill pond by my aunt’s house 
  6. Have A bonfire WITH all OF my SCHOOL papers
  7. Read “Jane Eyre” 
  8. //Amp up my blogging game //
  9. Leave notes in library books
  10.  Go zip lining
  11. Go on LoTs and LoTs of bike rides
  12. Play some good old foursquare and tether ball 
  13. Take my cousins to the splash pad 🙂
  14. Spend some nights playing {video games} with my brother 
  15. Dig up the time capsule I buried the summer before 10th grade….

I hope you liked my summer bucket list, I just got back from the spa (yeah, you heard that right, THE SPA) Amy took me for my birthday and we got massages and facials, and just let me say I was in heaven. Everything was so fancy and calming and smelt amazing. It was also a great way to recuperate from the bike race we did on Saturday! 

I did it with Amy, my mom, my aunt Julie, my cousin Sienna, and a bunch of other ladies. We decided to ride 40 miles and just keep it relaxed and fun which definitely worked. BUT the first 9 miles of the ride my mom was dying, (we were seriously going 9 miles an hour) and it was her first race and all but we were so confused as to why she was so tired. Come to find out, her back tire was rubbing the brake so bad that it wasn’t even moving. Now I have no idea how she even went as far as she did like that. 

 That’s enough of my rambling, comment down below something on your summer bucket list! 

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author 

2016 Blogger Awards – My Nominations!

Hey y’all! Sorry I’m so behind on posting this, life is crazy and it’s taking forever to pick people for each category. However, I’m super excited to write this, I love the idea! To nominate your favorite bloggers, everything is on this page.

Sidenote: Just because I don’t nominate you does NOT mean I don’t absolutely love you with all  my heart, as I mentioned above this was really hard in the first place.

P.S. My little brother just told me he thinks I have the blog of the century (like awww)

Okay sorry I’ll stop rambling, now onto the nominations:

Blogger of the Year: Elm from Just Elm. Elm has been here ever since I first started blogging, and she has also always been here as my friend since then. She’s just overall a great person who sometimes tries to help other a little too much  😉 It has to mean something if virtually everyone around here knows who she is, right? Plus I connect with the whole tree thing… (P.S. I am definitely NOT her ex-boyfriend xD)

Blog of the Year: The Artistics. Okay so this is kind of cheating since I’m part of it, but shh. I just think that it’s grown so much in the past year, and has a totally different element than other blogs that are around. Different people sharing different ideas, but all in the same place! Plus we have a magazine because we’re like totally cool, and the other people are great.

Kindest BloggerGioia from My Crazy World of Books Blog. Absolutely, 100%, no questions about it. Gioia is the kindest, sweetest person I have ever met in my entire life. She’s always there for me with a pick me up and a smile. She apologizes for talking about herself, and always makes me feel special. I am so grateful to have a friend, and an example like her.

Most Approachable Blogger: Fibit from well,  Fibit.  He’s so easy to talk to and always willing to offer up what seems so simple advice. You’ll definitely want to add him to your arsenal of friends if you haven’t already. He’s really funny and just great in general 🙂

Best New Blogger: Edge from Edgy Concept. His blog is really cool guys, it’s really different. Plus he’s a pretty okay person even if he doesn’t like pineapple on pizza. Nah, I’m kidding he’s really great. I love being able to have out of the norm conversations with someone, and  he’s definitely a good person for just that.

Most Positive Blog: Teenella from uh, Teenella. I haven’t talked to her much, but I’ve always known of her and seen some of the things she’s done. She just seems super sweet, and spreads positivity. Especially with her new Secret Santa project!

Most Helpful Blogger:  Liv, from the  Inspirational Dreamer . She’s not blogging anymore and she used to always be here, so it’s a little different to not have her around. But we still talk almost daily and she’s still amazing and willing to help with anything. Just knowing that she still cares is enough to make me feel better 🙂  So even if there won’t be any new posts, the old ones are definitely still worth reading.

Best Looking Blog: Colby from Dreams and Movie Screens. I don’t know how she got the cat to do the thing it does, but it’s SO cute. And I don’t even like cats. And the colors just compliment each other really well.

Most Relatable Blog: Allie from The Wondrous Life of Allie M. I always find myself relating to what she says whether its just talking to her or reading her posts!  She writes about things that I can connect with which is really cool! Go check out her blog!

Most Creative Blogger: Jerrod from Its Jerrod. This past year he created a joint blog called The Artistics which is based on creativity. He puts so much work into this blog and his own it’s crazy! I’ve loved being a part of the joint blog, and have got to see up close how much devotion he has to blogging.

Funniest Blogger: Abi from The Punk Butterfly. I always find myself laughing at the randomest things she writes because it’s totally something I would say! She’s just funny in general, and I love a good mix of sarcasm and humor.

The Wildcard: Liss & Dani from Life of Teen Girls. It seems like they’ve been around forever. I always look forward to seeing their posts. I’ve always thought it was cool that they started a blog together, and I’ve loved becoming good friends with the both of them 🙂




300 Followers?! & 14 Things I’ve Learned From 14 Months of Blogging

AKA The Author has three HUNDRED followers. What? I can’t believe it. Wow guys, this is so crazy to me. Three hundred people read what I write and comment on my life, when you have no obligation to. You don’t have to pretend to like me, you really do. It blows my mind.

I’m sitting here, wearing the shirt I bought the week I gained 100 followers almost one year ago.snapchat-3866310595637311783.jpg

And, excuse my bias, but you guys are the best.

Thank you all, so much. You have no idea how much this means to me. I could be like every other person on this planet, but this blog makes me feel different. I love talking to all of you and making friends around the world. You guys are like family to me. I’m so grateful to know that I have people to talk to, people who actually care.

So, to celebrate the 300 followers this blog has gained in 14 months- I’m doing 14 things I’ve learned about blogging. 

  1. Background doesn’t matter. Let me explain- we all come from different countries, families, situations, etc. But we come together as a community regardless of the differences in our lives. As soon as I joined I felt extremely welcomed. It’s surprising how comforting it is for people to know who you are around here.
  2. It can be hard. Sometimes blogging feels like a job to me. I remember that I need to post or whatever, and stress out. But that’s because I love this “job” and I care about blogging and the community.
  3. Writing down things in your life is important.  I think of my blog as an online journal. I love how easy it is to go back and read through posts of what I have done- the pictures are also a fun touch.
  4. Interacting with readers is extremely important. Not only for the success of your blog, but in order to form friendships which make blogging really fun! Get involved!
  5. Post what you want to post. I’ve had to get over this one myself. But it’s your – if you want to rant about something, just do it.
  6. Live a life outside of blogging. Every once in awhile I find my thoughts being consumed by blog posts or what I’m going to do, and I have to remind myself to just put it away sometimes. It will be right there when I get back.
  7. Always write down your ideas. Too often do I find myself having a great idea for a post, and then forgetting to write it down somewhere. There goes a great original idea, right down the drain.
  8.  Disagreement and hate are very different.  People have a very difficult time with this one. Just because I don’t agree with you, does NOT in ANY way mean that I don’t like you. No two people are ever going to agree with one another 100% of the time. Agree to disagree.
  9. Strangers, aren’t all that strange. It’s always very intriguing when you find people who are more like you than most of the people you’ve ever met. I can easily say that I’ve never even met some of my best friends. However, always be cautious and smart about it.
  10. Emotion is a very large motivation. Whether this means sadness, anger, happiness, or humor, emotion will always play a large part in what you post and how often you post. If something with a large amount of emotion happens, we tend to want to post about it.
  11. We’re all broken. In my opinion, most bloggers don’t post just the happy parts of their life. We all share out struggles and speak up about how we really feel. You are NOT the only one. We all have a hard time, you’re not alone.
  12. Read. Reading other people’s blogs is extremely important, its a way to easily fit into the community and to get to know people.
  13. People like poems.  People like to read short and meaningful things. And poems are perfect.
  14. My opinion can make a difference here. Blogging gives me a very large area to spread my opinions, beliefs, and ideas. It’s a great way to promote ideals that I think are important. It gives me a chance to change something in the world.


That was 14 things I’ve learned in 14 months of blogging! I hope you guys enjoyed it! Comment down below something you have learned from blogging. Thank you again SO SO much for all of your support, I hope you know how much it means to me.

(Do you think we could try for 350 or 375 by 2017? I want to say 400 but that sounds a bit ambitious)

Love y’all- Aspen AKA The Author


roadtrip 2.jpg

Hey y’all! So about two weeks ago, Lauren and I drove up to Idaho on a roadtrip! Her grandparents live there so that’s where we spent a few days! Our parents were initially all for it, but as it got closer they got super worried. Especially my dad, he likes to pretend he’s not protective but he sooo is.

We left Sunday afternoon and spent the 4 hour drive jamming out to CD’s, playing road games, and talking about life. When we were almost there, I realized I left my phone charger at home, so we had to stop at Walmart so I could get a new one. We ate Arby’s for dinner and left for her grandparents house!

That night we just sat on one of the beds and talked forever as always, and the next morning we had to be up pretty early to go and feed the cows!

That day we went to clean out the canal that waters one of her grandpa’s fields and flooded it. We also got to ride in the swather ( a machine that cuts the alfalfa/hay, I’ll insert a picture)


For the rest of the week we just did other things around the farm and town places like giving the cows shots, watering the other field and fixing the circle (a huge sprinkler), and just riding around in her grandpa’s awesome truck. We also got to drive the four-wheeler around the field while her uncle’s dog Max chased us around.

We got addicted to these pink candies that tasted like pepto bismol and were soooo good. Insert picture of our hot pink tongues… here! pink 2


While doing all of this I got a cool tour of the town and just took some pictures of the road and scenery 🙂



One night we couldn’t sleep and went exploring upstairs and found an old record player! It was really funny though since it would only play super super slow or so fast that it sounded like chipmunks singing. We searched everywhere for another record, but couldn’t find one. That night was probably my favorite, I just felt completely at home and super happy.

One day we went with her grandma to go watch a movie, and when we got there it was all weirdly dark.  Turns out the power was out in a large part of the state so we spent the afternoon playing cards instead. We were playing BS and it was super funny because sometimes her grandma would just take  the cards instead of lying. And one time Lauren was looking through the cards and said, “Oooh someone was lying…. I think it was me”. We ate dinner outside and her grandpa kept swatting away the flies and saying, “Fetch!” “These dang flies make you  wanna swear!”

On the way back we stopped at this restaurant called Maddox where you just park in the driving port. They had super good fried chicken, french fries, and honey. We saw a huge fire on the way home and spent it talking and in traffic and obviously jamming out, it was awesome. These are pictures I took on the way out of Idaho!



idaho lake 2

This trip meant a lot more than just hanging out with my best friend, because even if we were working on a farm or whatever I had tons of fun and I loved it. The freedom and new experience was just really fun, and I’m really glad I got to spend it with this crazy one 🙂


I hope you liked this post! Love you guys! -Aspen AKA the Author


Celebrating the 1 Year Anniversary!


Hey y’all! As many of you know, yesterday was the one year anniversary of akatheauthor! I am so glad to be able to say that! This blog has given me so many cool opportunities, but I’ll touch on that later. Now, let’s see what I did to celebrate!


Well to start the day, I had to go to my school and do a driving thing with a teacher so that I can get my license, but he’s from the city that my favorite NFL team is in, so we just talked about them while I drove. Lauren picked me up afterwards and we cleaned the basement floor so that her mom could deep clean the carpets.

THEN Ryann drove to Lauren’s house, and the three of us went to Culver’s! We all got delicious frozen custard and cheese curds which are basically just deep fried cheese balls. So very American XD


Ry got mint and  brownie, Lauren got strawberries and fudge, and I got butterscotch and brownie!


I had tons of fun hanging with these girlies! Especially when Ryann used a stranger’s napkin xD

After that, Lauren had to babysit so Ryann and I went back to her house and watched a movie (and took pictures obviously)



After that, I had to go to Young Womens, but we met up AGAIN (I know) at my house with Lauren and Jordynn this time to watch A Beautiful Mind.



All in all, I had a great time celebrating with them, thank you both  for making it an awesome day!

Wow guys, 1 year. 1 crazy, crazy year. Thank you to everyone, my long time followers, new followers, even those of you who may just read my blog. It means the world to me, this has been an amazing adventure.

This blog has led me to make some amazing friends such as Gioia, Liv, Mitul, Inf, Colby, etc, etc. And even people who I talk to more normally than over blogging like Sam.

I’ve also been able to join a bigger blog where I can share my ideas with a bigger platform.

You guys are amazing. I love you.

-Aspen AKA the Author

GUYS! What?? This is crazy!!

So, about a few days ago, I opened my blog email to find something absolutely crazy. A major blog, called My Trending Stories invited me to become an author on their blog. I was immediately so excited, and jumped at the opportunity to join!

My Trending Stories, is a blog that’s open to every topic (that’s not harmful or offensive) and is a place where we can all share our stories and opinions in an effort to spread them into society.

As some of you know, I have a few ideas concerning bigger plans such as (OMG am I really revealing this, NOW??) possibly creating a foundation that supports and encourages imagination and creativity in children. After writing my speech about it in debate, I realized how passionate I actually am about this topic. (You can find that here. I’m actually pretty proud of it). Anyways, I think this blog could be a help in getting the idea out there in order to find other opportunities where I can help this dream grow.

I really can’t believe this guys, I just want to thank all of you more than I ever could. All of this is because of you, the commenters, the followers, and friends are what keep me writing and what get my work out there to be seen by projects like this. You guys deserve so much more than I could ever give you. I just wanted to give a shout out to a few people like Liv,  Sam O.Bscure, Sunny, Mitul, Colby, Liss and Dani, and Inf. And so so so many more. You guys mean the world to me, you’ve supported a virtual stranger through a bunch of nasty stuff and led me to opportunities like this that have made me so happy.

Well, finally… you can check out my account at My Trending Stories here!! I worked really hard on my first article so I hope you guys will go check it out, like and comment.

Again, thank you so so much! I love you guys to infinity and behind! You  have no idea how much this new opportunity means to me.

– Aspen AKA The Author


Storytime! How We Became Best Friends :)

Hey y’all! I know this was supposed to be up yesterday, but we went to see Finding Dory! OMG guys I’m so sorry, but I spent the weekend in Nevada and couldn’t upload! It’s (finally) here!

Anyways, this is a story time of the first time Lauren and I actually started hanging out. Hope you like it!


Thanks for watching! Comment down below what you want us to do next week, a Q&A, storytime, anything 🙂

Love y’all!- Aspen AKA The Author (And Laur)

Welcome To My Humble A-(Blog)!

Hey y’all! So this is just an update/ taking care of business post.

First, I’d like to welcome all of my new followers! I’m so happy you decided to follow along with my journey and experiences. Don’t be afraid to comment or get a hold of me through my current social media, I love getting to know all of you fabulous people!

School got out a few weeks ago, but this is a picture of Lauren, Bex, and I after our orchestra banquet 🙂


Next, my bike race was a couple weekends ago and I decided to only do 50 miles instead of 100 like I did last year due to health issues. Plus dudes, it was SO hot, there wasn’t any wind and I could feel the heat pulsing around me in waves. This year, my 13 year old cousin Sienna, did the race with us and I had tons of fun! I loved being able to cross the finish line with her and my aunt Julie. (Plus Amy, obviously).

Here’s us before the race:

20160604_075838.jpg 20160604_080717.jpg







Afterwards we went to the original FatBoy factory and got ice cream that was super yummy! There was this boy working in the factory that looked really shocked when he saw me it was super funny. He liked waved his friend over and started pointing so I ran away XD

The next day we stopped at a park and took some cute pictures! Here’s some:



Me and my mom





Tessa (Sienna’s little sister) and Summit (Amy’s son)

Wooh, okay 3rd of all yesterday was my first post on The Artistics, which is some pictures of my friends and I so go check that out here! I really like how they turned out 🙂 (Probably since my friends are gorgeous..)

Okay, almost done! I have SUPER exciting news! Since Lauren will have her license soon, our parents are letting us drive 4 hours away to her grandparents to spend a week and I’m SO excited dudes! Since she’s not allowed to have sleepovers, this is GROUNDBREAKING. Not even kidding, I’m freaking out from excitement, if you can’t tell.

And LASTLY! Tomorrow there will be another recording with Lauren. We will be doing a story time of the first time we “officially” hung out and became best friends as requested. Stay tuned for that, it’s pretty great!

Well, if you made it thanks for reading! Comment down below, “I made it!” And your plans for this summer!

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author

P.S. This is post 160!

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