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Hey y’all! I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve sat down and “talked” with all of you!

I stayed home from school today since I’ve been in a ton of pain since last night and spent all day doing some homework and watching (of course) Criminal Minds. I have another neurologist appointment on Monday so hopefully that goes well.

Next Wednesday is tryouts for Chamber Orchestra at my school, and I’m super nervous. I barely picked out the song today because it is SOO hard to find cello sheet music!

On Friday my friends Bex, Ry, and Lauren came over and we watched Criminal Minds and just hung around laughing our heads off. Especially after messing around with the face swap on Snapchat.

(Speaking of which, I now have a blog snapchat, it’s akatheauthor so go check it out!)

Other than that, I went to 2 of my cousins birthday parties this weekend. One turned 10 and the other turned 6.

At my 10 year old cousin’s birthday party we went to this skating, bounce house, jungle gym place that my family owns and it was really fun! His sister, Aliyah smashed a cupcake in my face so we had a little war XD


At my other cousin’s birthday party we roasted hot dogs outside, and I got to hang out with all of the little ones. These are the two youngest on the swing with Sienna and I, and then “sleeping” under the rug.



Monster now has an obsession with Scooby Doo, but only refers to him as “Doo” XD This video is one of the cutest things ever.

Then Birdie(the other baby)’s sister, looked like an epic hippie ūüėČ XD

snapchat-6327797429702485132.jpgMy aunt then took me driving around her house and it was actually really fun (even though I’m not a big fan of driving) and I finished off the night with my cousins sleeping over!


Hope you all have had a good weekend/ beginning of the week! Oh, and Happy International Women’s Day! Love you guys!

-Aspen AKA The Author


The Cousin Tag

Hey y’all! So I am about to be leaving for the weekend and wanted to finish at least one post before I go. This is the cousin tag I did with my (you guessed it) cousins.

Sienna AKA Nenna is 13 years old and will be represented with an S.

Kallie AKA Kal is also 13 years old, two months younger than Nen, and will be represented with a K.

My responses will have an A.


1. How are you related? 

A: Our moms are all sisters.

S: (We are) all neices, cousins, granddaughters (to the same people).

K:¬†We are cousins on our mom’s side. Our family is really neat because everyone has someone to hang out with that is their age.

2. Weirdest conversation you’ve ever had?¬†

A:¬†Hmm I’d agree with the race car driving boob….

S: Late night conversations

K:¬†Probably race car driving boob or our fights we had about who was going to sleep at whose house. There is the things we would do in Aspen’s old playhouse but I forgot what we said exactly, it’s just the memory.

3. What annoys you about the other two? 

A: Kallie always wants to make movies, and Nen can be more temperamental.

S: Aspen talks ALL THE TIME, and Kal can be too bossy.

K: That Aspen has these random laugh attacks and can’t control herself and for Nen that she doesn’t like to make movies.

4. Favorite inside joke? 

A:  I like the old grandpa one, oh and Queen Aspen.

S: I don’t know

K:  What about the other childrens.

5. What’s it like to have a cousin that blogs?¬†

A:¬† Well Sienna doesn’t have a blog, but since Kallie isn’t close anymore it’s a good way to stay connected.

S: Awesome, I can get in their blog and see what awesome stuff they say about me.

K:¬†¬†I like it. It’s fun to see what they post, and what people who I don’t know think of them.

6. If you could go anywhere in the world together where would it be? 

A:  I would say Europe, there would be adventure and many different things for each person.

S: Greece,Rome, Spain

K: Probably Disney World and Universal Studios.

7. What aunt would you want to live with and why?
A:  I would want to live with my aunt Penny, her little girls are so cute. I could also help around the house there.
S: Penny, she’s crazy and cool.
K:¬† I would want to live with my aunt Camille (On her dad’s side). She is so awesome and has a super cool pool.
8. If you were trapped in a room what 5 objects would you want to have? 
A:  I would have a cell phone with service, a saw, a book, sustenance, and a source of heat.
S: Phone,knife, book, backpack, bandages.
K: I would have a Disney movies collection, books, paper and pencil, food and a bed.
9.Do you have anything matching?
A:¬† Yes, we have neon sweatshirts from Yellowstone and I know Nen and I do from Brian Head, but Kall didn’t want one.
S: Yes, two different hoodies.
K: I¬†don’t think we do actually. (We do, obviously).
10. Favorite thing/ thing you admire/ the role in the family the other two have.

A:¬† I love how Kallie is creative and interested in lots of different things, and Nen is always there to help me with children or to laugh with. Even though these girls are a few years younger than me, I love them to death. I’m so glad I get the opportunity to teach and learn from them!

S: They are both bound to be writers because they are so good.

K: I¬†like how Aspen cares for all the cousins younger than her. She goes out of her way to spend time with each of them. And Nen is so easy to talk to. She’s just so chill. I’m so lucky to have cousins older than me who are freaking fantabulous.


That’s all folks! Be sure to check out Kallie’s very own blog right here. She will also have this tag posted on her blog. I know Sienna has been thinking about making one, if she does I’ll be sure to post about it. Thanks to the both of you crazy kids for doing this post with me!

Also, to my followers (it feels really weird to say that…) we will be spending the weekend together for the funeral, so there might be another collab post soon. Do you guys like these types of posts? Any recommendations or requests? Let me know down below!

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA Their Favorite Cousin Ever ūüėČ


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