Blogmas 2016! – Day 23

Hey y’all! So today I’m going to be writing about what I’ve been doing with my winter break so far!

The first day of break (technically) was Wednesday, we only had a half day. So Ryann, Emily, Lauren, and I came back to my house to make lunch and open presents! We watched some movies, drank hot chocolate,and just had tons of fun!

I got some bubbles from our Spanish classes’ White Elephant gift exchange, so we played with those outside.

I love getting gifts from people, not because of the gift, but because I can see how much they know and love me. And I love to get them gifts, because I love making them happy!



This next picture is the watch I got Emily


Then I got Ryann a Sherlock Holmes scented candle, which turned out to smell AMAZING. And I also got her a snow windshield cover for her car, so she doesn’t have to scrape it off every morning.


Then Ryann got me a super soft blanket with football plays and footballs on it and it has barely left my side since then. She also got me this really cool kit thing that came with an actual oyster that I got to rip open to find a its guts (well and a pearl) but the guts were pretty cool. The pearl was white which stands for wisdom, and like I didn’t even have to say it, even nature knows how smart I am.

 Then Lauren actually made me something- it’s one of those string art things, in the shape of the leaf on a Quaking Aspen tree. But get this- she drove like downtown to find the wood from an Aspen tree.


Then on Thursday, the only thing that I really did was go to the temple for baptisms of the dead! If you want to know what that is, just leave a comment below and I’ll happily explain 🙂  I had a lot of fun, and it was really nice to feel the spirit in that way before Christmas.


And then today was my Uncle Richie’s birthday so we threw a party for him at ze church. But my cousins got a new puppy for Christmas named Thor and he’s the cutest thing ever. I also got to see the baby again finally, and she has grown up so much. She LOVES to jabber on and on (wonder where she got that from…) When I carried her to the car as per usual she was screaming and sobbing because she wanted “Momma to take her home” aka me, not her actual mother. She kept telling me I was going the wrong way because she knows what our car looks like, and needless to say my heart is broken, and I want to see my baby asap.


Comment down below what you guys have done so far over winter break! Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author

Star Valley-Part 2!

Hey y’all! So this is what I did on Sunday in Wyoming! So to start, my grandma grew up in what the entire town calls “The brick house”. It was basically a monument for all of Star Valley and the neighboring towns. About two years ago, some of my family made the horrible decision to sell the property. Now instead of a beautiful brick house, is a natural gas station. A. Gas. Station.

This gas station to be specific:



We used to camp out in the backyard and in the morning we’d sneak through the trees on the left to Burger King for breakfast. Even though we couldn’t camp there this year, we still kept up the tradition.

After breakfast we visited my dad’s uncle Donald in a rest home- and he’s super funny. He loves to go- “Aw hell” but he was telling us about how the cops used to tell him to stop shooting the skunks or they’d put him in jail and they still recognize him now. When we left he told my dad that he would never forget him- not in this life or another which I thought was very cute.

After that, we went to visit my dad’s great aunt on his other side, Polly. She fell and broke her hip so she was in the Star Valley Hospital- we couldn’t stay long but she asked my brother if he brought her a banana. He had promised that he would bring her one the last time we saw her in a hospital down in Utah a few years back. He didn’t remember.

My favorite thing that we did though- was hike the Intermittent Springs. My family and my aunt Michelle and her husband Josh hiked up to this beautiful water fall thing that my dad loved as a child. About every 10 minutes or so it completely stops and then after 15 minutes starts again. We were there just at the right time so we got to watch it start!





This next pictures are a sort of before and after of my brother and I. We’re standing/sitting on the same place in both of them, just 10 years after.


After our hike, we went and visited some places that our families lived. One of them was the farm my other great grandma grew up on. It’s in a extremely tiny place called Smoot. Right before this we stopped at the green house again and found these super cute little cats- but on the farm we found 4 other itty bitty kittens.


This is the farm:

And that was the end of our trip! I hope you made it to the end of another really long Wyoming post! If you didn’t see the first part- check it out here! 

Love y’all! – Aspen AKA The Author

Star Valley


Yes, it is actually the world’s largest arch made of elk antlers. 

Hey y’all! So this weekend my dad’s family went up to a little tiny town in Wyoming called Star Valley. We stayed Saturday and Sunday, so keep reading to hear how my weekend turned out! (Plus some pretty impressive photos, if I do say so myself).

The main reason we went up to Star Valley was because a temple was recently built there. Both of my dads grandmas were raised right around Star Valley (the towns are so tiny they have hardly any distinction- one grew up in Afton and one in Smoot) Since the temple hasn’t been dedicated yet, there is an open house where anyone can go through the entire temple.

It was definitely smaller than the temples in Utah, but it was still gorgeous.Right when you walk in there’s an amazing stained glass mosaic of Jesus Christ. My favorite rooms are the brides room and the sealing room.  The brides room is where you get ready before getting married and it was so surreal just being in there. I really wish that could be my future. But the sealing room is where couples actually get married (or sealed to their children). There’s an altar of sorts where you kneel across from each other during the ceremony which I think is really cool, but the best part is that there are two massive mirrors across from each other on the walls so that when you stand up, you see the both of you next to each other and it goes on forever. This is symbolic of our belief in eternal marriage/ families.

If you guys want to see the inside- I’ll have the link to the pictures below.

Here’s some pictures of us all dressed up and the temple itself:



The view just to the right of the temple 
Me, my brother, cousin Aliyah, and our grandma and practically grandpa
The inscription on all of the temples says, “Holiness to the Lord- The House of the Lord”


Before the temple we went up to the graveyard in Afton where my grandma’s parents and some of her siblings are buried. On the way back, she showed us the church where my great grandparents met.


My great grandpa had heard that there were some cute girls up in Afton, and since it was Sunday they headed to the church. My  great grandma told her friends that she wasn’t talking to the boys until after she went to church. Meanwhile, he was telling his buddy that she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever met, and that he was going to marry her. Well, after church, she walked right past him and straight home. So he had to talk to enough people to track her down, and showed up on her doorstep. And the rest is history 🙂

That day, we also went to the above mentioned great grandma’s second house which is this odd cute little green thing- the only thing I remember from the inside is the pink toilet.


By the way, this isn’t my last name 
Me and my mom 

The other few things we saw was the church my great grandparents used to go to- and the sign about Mormons in Star Valley. In the picture with the sign, you can see a white star on the hill on the left.



We really didn’t do much else on Saturday other than going to eat- but I had a great time! My cousin and I are are super close but she moved to Kanab to live with my grandma for senior year which is about  4 hours away. I haven’t seen her since summer, so it was awesome to see her!

ALSO- if you guys want to check out pictures of the inside of the temple, the link is right here! I highly recommend you check it out- it’s gorgeous.

Thanks for reading the long post- I hope you made it! There will be a part 2 about what we did Sunday, so be on the lookout for that. Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author


Hey y’all! Happy (almost) Easter! So I’m just going to show you guys what I did Thursday night, yesterday, and today 🙂

It all started with a 3 hour drive and some boredom selfies from Aliyah and I since we kicked our brothers out to her mom’s car




On Friday we were laying in the sun and I took these pics of the from my grandma’s yard.



This is one of her bunny rabbits named Cleo (and my brother holding her)


For my grandma’s late birthday present we drove an hour away to St. George for lunch at Texas Roadhouse.


And they had her sit on the birthday sattle.


We also got shakes from Iceberg that were sooo good.

Then we had a fire 🙂


Then this morning we drove to thus one canyon and went hiking in the lava rock.





After that I drove back to this restaurant where we ate lunch and then headed home. Aliyah and I left to go exploring and climbed this massive cliff.



Her face in this picture kills me xD
We also went to go find this rock


And then later on we ate homemade ribs and went hot tubbing.
Tomorrow we’re going to drive the side by side which I am super excited for (along with Easter)

Have a good holiday! Love you guys! -Aspen AKA The Author

Road Trip Tips!

Hey y’all! So right now I’m driving down to my grandma’s house with my family and our cousins for Easter.

Thus is a quick road trip/spring break packing tips post!


1. Roll, Not Fold: I fit all of my clothes into a bag half the size of my families just by rolling my clothes. I recommend doing this mainly with pants though.


2. Bring Entertainment! This is a list of the things I put in the car with me.
-Coloring Book
-Colored Pencils, Pens, and Pencils
-Water Bottle
-Motion Sickness Meds
-Extra Phone Battery
-Phone Charger


3. Get Comfy! You might be in the car for a long time so here are a few tips 🙂
■ Wear comfy clothes! I chose sweatpants and a t-shirt
■Bring a pillow and blanket
■Bring slip on shoes, or shoes that are easy to get on and off


4. Snacks! Bring some  foods and drinks to snack on during the ride 


5. Music: I switch off listening to the radio depending on what is playing to listening to my own music.

I hope y’all liked this and/or found it helpful! Love you guys! -Aspen AKA The Girl Who Hates Car Rides

The Only Thing I Can Think About Right Now

Hey y’all! So I am extremely stressing out because of school right now. I am failing math and have been doing homework literally all weekend long. It’s still not done and this is so ridiculous. As I mentioned before, my phone also broke so that’s been stressful too. Hopefully we can see if it can get fixed tomorrow.

And as of right now I just wanted to write. I was going to rant but that gave me even more of a headache, so I’m going to write about the only thing I can think about this isn’t making me freak out.

SPRING BREAK!! My Spring Break is on Thursday and my family and I are going down to Kanab to spend the weekend at my grammie’s house! My aunt Heather and cousin Aliyah are going too!

Just to give y’all a sneak peek of what it will be like I thought I’d compile some stuff about what it looks like and how my trip will go!

First, we’ll drive three hours down south to the warmer weather! 

During this time, I take my motion sickness medication, sleep, listen to music, text my friends, and color!

The most noticeable thing down there, is the gorgeous scenery. 


This is the main street in Kanab that Aliyah and I have walked many, many times.

Then we just hang out and tell stories on the couch. My grandma’s house is right next to a red rock cliff so we sit in the sun with our family and laugh about stories we’ve never heard before.

I love learning more about my family, especially since my grandpa died when I was 7 months old.

We hold and play with the bunnies! Yes, we get to spend Easter with bunnies. It’s epic.


We also go driving around the cliffs in the SIDE BY SIDE. It’s basically a mix between a mini jeep and a four-wheeler and it’s soooo fun. 

side by side.png

Depending on how warm it is, we usually go to visit the Pink Coral Sand Dunes. 

sand dunes

And that’s all I can think of! Love y’all and hope you’ve had a good day! Comment down below what you’re spring break plans are.

-Aspen AKA The Girl Who Can’t Wait For Spring Break

60 mph Highway

Hey y’all! So ARD was fantastic! Lauren and I went to Cafe Rio for dinner and then got ice cream at this awesome place.
After that we met Ryann at Battle of the Bands which was tons of fun!! The band from my school is moving onto state so we’ll go watch that competition when it happens.
Also, thank you to everyone who wore sweatpants!! You guys are so sweet and brightened my day so so so much.
On Friday Lauren, Erin, and Emmy J came  over and we watched How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (which is absolutely hilarious but super cute) and White House Down (a hot guy, explosions, and actions? Count me in!)

Today I had an AP Euro test review session in the morning and after we went to my cousins 2nd birthday party (Birdie) and then some of my cousins and my mom and brother (and me) went up to the cemetery so I could drive around.
I then proceeded to drive ALL THE WAY home (to another city) on a 60 mph highway!
Now I might go back over to Laurens house to hang out!

Oh! And I’m watching the premiere of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D which is amazing!!!

Love you all! -Aspen AKA The Author

Thoughtful Scribbles

Hey y’all! So currently, I just cleaned my room and bathroom and Lauren is on her way over! We didn’t get to hang out over the weekend (which hasn’t happened for A VERY LONG TIME) so we needed some “twin” time XD

Over the weekend, all of my family went down to a funeral for my mom’s cousin. On Friday we went to this park and hiked all over the beautiful red rock with my cousins.


At the restaurant we were eating at, my dad found these ridiculous purple sunglasses and let me take a picture of him. I thought it was hilarious.


And then the baby was uber excited about her ice cream cone and got it EVERYWHERE, but it was adorable.


Saturday was the funeral. It was good, and oddly short in my opinion. It was also my cousin Olivia’s 9th birthday so we ate cake and sang to her later that night. One of our aunts spent the night with family so us older girls me, Sienna, and Kallie (previously mentioned) got a hotel room to ourselves until Kallie’s mom came back at almost 1 am.

At like 10 o’clock that night we invited three of the younger girls into the room with us for an hour and played truth or dare. Two of them are 10 and one is 9, and I have to tell you that truth or dare is SOOO much more fun with younger kids. Most all of them picked dare and I came up with what they had to do. So Kal had to wear wet socks for 15 minutes, one of them had to meditate in the hallway, and one had to wear her underwear outside of her pants and run down the hallway and back. It was hilarious, we were all laughing our heads off.


Once the little ones left we just hung out and ate some snacks and talked, it was really fun!


Well I’m obviously back from my trip so I wanted to say thank you for all the feedback I got over the weekend! A lot of people said that they liked to hear update posts, so I’ll do a quick one right now.

Tomorrow is my neurologist appointment which I am super nervous for. I really want an answer, but I don’t particularly like the answer I think I’m going to get. Because of this, my friend Hala (previously mentioned) has so kindly offered to hang out with me afterwards! We’ve never like hung out after school so I’m pretty excited!

Also I just realized that I’ve written this post in three different parts, before Lauren came, after she left, and after helping my brother with his math homework.

I’ll most likely be posting a full update tomorrow so stay tuned!

Aaaagghhh last thing! Promise! I’m starting this thing where I post the short poems I write during the day at school and I’m calling it Thoughtful Scribbles, it might evolve into something different, but we’ll see!

Now I’m done XD

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Nervous Wreck



The Cousin Tag

Hey y’all! So I am about to be leaving for the weekend and wanted to finish at least one post before I go. This is the cousin tag I did with my (you guessed it) cousins.

Sienna AKA Nenna is 13 years old and will be represented with an S.

Kallie AKA Kal is also 13 years old, two months younger than Nen, and will be represented with a K.

My responses will have an A.


1. How are you related? 

A: Our moms are all sisters.

S: (We are) all neices, cousins, granddaughters (to the same people).

K: We are cousins on our mom’s side. Our family is really neat because everyone has someone to hang out with that is their age.

2. Weirdest conversation you’ve ever had? 

A: Hmm I’d agree with the race car driving boob….

S: Late night conversations

K: Probably race car driving boob or our fights we had about who was going to sleep at whose house. There is the things we would do in Aspen’s old playhouse but I forgot what we said exactly, it’s just the memory.

3. What annoys you about the other two? 

A: Kallie always wants to make movies, and Nen can be more temperamental.

S: Aspen talks ALL THE TIME, and Kal can be too bossy.

K: That Aspen has these random laugh attacks and can’t control herself and for Nen that she doesn’t like to make movies.

4. Favorite inside joke? 

A:  I like the old grandpa one, oh and Queen Aspen.

S: I don’t know

K:  What about the other childrens.

5. What’s it like to have a cousin that blogs? 

A:  Well Sienna doesn’t have a blog, but since Kallie isn’t close anymore it’s a good way to stay connected.

S: Awesome, I can get in their blog and see what awesome stuff they say about me.

K:  I like it. It’s fun to see what they post, and what people who I don’t know think of them.

6. If you could go anywhere in the world together where would it be? 

A:  I would say Europe, there would be adventure and many different things for each person.

S: Greece,Rome, Spain

K: Probably Disney World and Universal Studios.

7. What aunt would you want to live with and why?
A:  I would want to live with my aunt Penny, her little girls are so cute. I could also help around the house there.
S: Penny, she’s crazy and cool.
K:  I would want to live with my aunt Camille (On her dad’s side). She is so awesome and has a super cool pool.
8. If you were trapped in a room what 5 objects would you want to have? 
A:  I would have a cell phone with service, a saw, a book, sustenance, and a source of heat.
S: Phone,knife, book, backpack, bandages.
K: I would have a Disney movies collection, books, paper and pencil, food and a bed.
9.Do you have anything matching?
A:  Yes, we have neon sweatshirts from Yellowstone and I know Nen and I do from Brian Head, but Kall didn’t want one.
S: Yes, two different hoodies.
K: I don’t think we do actually. (We do, obviously).
10. Favorite thing/ thing you admire/ the role in the family the other two have.

A:  I love how Kallie is creative and interested in lots of different things, and Nen is always there to help me with children or to laugh with. Even though these girls are a few years younger than me, I love them to death. I’m so glad I get the opportunity to teach and learn from them!

S: They are both bound to be writers because they are so good.

K: I like how Aspen cares for all the cousins younger than her. She goes out of her way to spend time with each of them. And Nen is so easy to talk to. She’s just so chill. I’m so lucky to have cousins older than me who are freaking fantabulous.


That’s all folks! Be sure to check out Kallie’s very own blog right here. She will also have this tag posted on her blog. I know Sienna has been thinking about making one, if she does I’ll be sure to post about it. Thanks to the both of you crazy kids for doing this post with me!

Also, to my followers (it feels really weird to say that…) we will be spending the weekend together for the funeral, so there might be another collab post soon. Do you guys like these types of posts? Any recommendations or requests? Let me know down below!

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA Their Favorite Cousin Ever 😉



Hey ya’ll I don’t really have any pictures on my blog so I decided to upload some that are more recent!


This is of me and my cousin Aliyah on Thanksgiving 🙂


Aliyah took this one of me and my other cousin Olivia also on Thanksgiving. I felt so fancy riding bikes into the sunset XD


This is me, Liyah, and Liv.




These are all of my baby cousin Ivy the night they slept over 🙂 She’s soooo cute. She calls me momma most of the time, but she’s started calling me Appy or Apsen too 🙂


And this last one is of me in my Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. They’re so fuzzy and warm.

I hope this wasn’t too boring XD Love ya’ll!

-Aspen AKA The Author

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