Homemade French Fries

Hey y’all! So today my cousins slept over, and since I was majorly craving french fries since last night we made some from scratch!

I don’t have pictures of the first steps, but I’ll list em 🙂

Step 1: Wash, peel, and slice the potatoes into the size of your choice.

Step 2: Fry them!


Step 3: Season them with either salt or seasoning of choice



Step 4 (not required): Eat with a meal of choice, we had chicken sandwiches.

I put melted mozzarella on mine, with tomatoes and lettuce on a grilled bun. Plus we drank mango peach juice with it!





Oh, and if you’re my dad and make a mess, wear a bib! Or a kids apron like the one my mom tied on him xD


Love y’all and hope you liked it!

Healthy Lunch Idea!

Hey y’all. Today I had my MRI and I was stuck in the machine for about an hour and half. Dudes you can’t move at all. They took me out half way through to give me a shot of liquid that lights up if there is certain diseases or anything. We don’t get the results till tomorrow so I’ll be sure to make an update. Dudes I still have a headache, they have you watch a movie too (I chose Avengers) while the machine is literally blaring the entire time (It’s the sound of the magnet being held on/connected to the machine).
Oh and just for fun, here’s a diagram of the machine itself:


ANYWAYS, this post is about a healthy, yummy lunch that I love to make: chefs salad!

Step 1: Add lettuce into your container of choice

Step 2: Add cheese, meat, and usually boiled egg. I didn’t have boiled egg this time, so it’s not in the picture. You can also obviously add whatever other toppings you’d like or not add others!


Step 3: Pack dressing in a separate small container. Also pack any other various snacks. I chose a mixture of Goldfish and Whales.


Step 4: Pick a drink, pack it all into a lunchbox, leave it in the fridge overnight (not required) and bring it with you in n the morning!


I hope you guys liked this, my last food post got quite a bit of attention. Love y’all!

Breakfast Pizza & Smoothies

Hey y’all! So today  my brother and I decided to make breakfast pizza and it was really good! So I thought that I would share the recipe with all of you!

Note: None of these ingredients are specific amount, it just correlates with what you want and like.

Step 1: Spray  the skillet with cooking spray


Step 2: Scramble and fry the eggs


Step 3: Cook the hash browns until golden brown (they’re uncooked in the picture)



Step 4: After everything is cooked, spread the hash browns across the bottom of a circular pan.



Step 5: Layer the eggs and other toppings onto the hash browns. We used ham and cheese, but you can add anything you want!


Now for the smoothies!

Step 1: Take your fruit of choice (I used bananas, raspberries, and blueberries) and mix it with milk or juice in a blender. If the fruit isn’t frozen (mine was) also add ice.


Step 2: Blend until it’s to the consistency you want! You can also add sugar if you want it to  be sweeter.


And finally, ENJOY! 


I hope you guys enjoyed this! It was something  a little different.

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA Smoothie Obsessed




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