Seeing the Utah Symphony! 

Heyes y’all. So today instead of a “blogmas” post I’m just going to kind of talk about what I’ve been doing lately. 

Today I went with Bex to see the Utah Symphony play some Christmas songs. I had a lot of fun, they’re obviously really good. They played a Suite from the Polar Express and it was beautiful. Those songs are what Christmas sounds and feels like. They also played Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky, which my orchestra played in our winter concert so that was pretty cool. Here are some pictures of where they play, Abravanel Hall. 

After the concert we want back to her house to watch national Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and laughed super hard. If you haven’t seen that movie you need to, it’s hilarious. 

But speaking of my orchestra Winter Concert, it was Wednesday night but I was so sick that I didn’t even hear what we were playing. Thankfully before the concert Lauren took me to go get ice cream, made me pasta, and then we took a nap before going so I could somewhat function. 

And I’m feeling better now, but my throat is still really sore. 

I have 3 more days of school til Christmas break, and lots of hw to do tomorrow that’s due Monday and Tuesday, wish me luck xD  

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author 

Blogmas 2016! – Day 15

Hey y’all! I’m back with another blogmas post, and today’s theme was Jesus Worshipped through Song and So Can You. 

So I decided to make a  Christmas playlist full of songs by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. They sound amazing, it’s a all volunteer choir and they’ve won both Emmy and Grammy awards and done concerts around the world! These are just a few of my favorites:

  1. The Wexford Carol. This video is about a father who has had some type of fight with his own brother and how he learns the lessons he’s been been teaching his own sons.
  2. What Shall We Give? I think this one was my favorite. This one is about a father and his two sons (again) who all do something kind for someone around them.
  3. Infant Holy, Infant Lowly I really liked this video since it was a bit different. It showed a man during his last day in Prison which just happened to be Christmas, and him meeting his family again.
  4. Hallelujah Chorus . If you haven’t heard their version of this song, then click it NOW. DO IT.
  5. What Child Is This? This one is a classic Christmas song you’ve most likely heard, but it’s still one of my favorites. And when I listen to this version I literally can’t do anything else but just listen.
  6. Angels We Have Heard on High  Again another classic that sounds amazing with a cute video.


I hope y’all liked this! I’m hoping to have my post about the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert up by this weekend!

Love y’all! – Aspen AKA The Author

Why I Keep Playing

Hey y’all! So for those of you who don’t know (or do), I play cello. No, it’s not the big violin. I know it looks like one, but it’s much better (sorry, not sorry). Anyways, again, for those of you who don’t know, I do not have feeling in my hands. That means that when I touch you? Probably an accident. You touch me? Can’t feel it. I punch you? You can feel it, but I won’t. (That’s sooo not a threat, psh, what?) But most importantly, it means that I can’t feel if my fingers are on the right string, or on any string at all when I play. Which makes it nearly impossible to play anything decent.

I’ve played cello since 5th grade, making this my 7th year with this instrument. That’s a long time. But last year, I had to relearn how to play with my quote, unquote disability.  I’ve also had to adapt to not being able to look at the music and my fingers at the same time, which means that I have to memorize the music.

For a long while every time I played would end in tears. And it still does sometimes, I haven’t found a magic way to fix the waves of frustration every time. But I have found a reason to deal with it.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the quote, “When you want to give up, remember why you started” and it’s pretty true. If you never had a motivation for it then, and you don’t now, it might not bed worth your time. But I do.

I remember walking into the gym of my elementary school where they had all of the instruments we could play lined up. I tried the violin first, dragged the bow across the strings and nearly dropped it. It was horrid.

I remember what it sounded like the first time I played my cello Caspian, if that wasn’t love at first sight I don’t know what is. Every time I see him, it still makes me smile. He’s beautiful.

I remember what it feels like to hear a classical song and just know that’s it. That’s cello. I can make music like that. Music that makes people feel, not just hear. Music is what feelings sound like.

If I quit there would always be something missing, and no matter how hard it gets I know that I won’t be able to leave it behind.

I’m going to link some of my favorite songs down below! Some are old classics, and some are by a group called the Piano Guys who I’ve mentioned before. They’re from Utah and their music is AMAZING, I highly recommend checking them out!

Bach´s Cello Suite No. 1                          Sleeping Beauty Waltz by Sarah Arnesen

Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons: Winter                   It’s Gonna Be Okay by the Piano Guys (Fun fact: I’m                                                                            somewhere in the black mass of crowd at the concert                                                                           in the music video)


Cello Ascends  by the Piano Guys         I Want You Bach by the Piano Guys (LISTEN TO THIS                                                                                                                                                             ONE NOW)

Okay so, I’m thinking of possibly, just maybe playing and recording a song and posting it… it sound so crazy. Should I? Comment down below if you would want to hear it!

Also, I’ve been really curious as to reasons why people follow my blog (writing, my life, etc) so let me now that down below too!

Love y’all – Aspen AKA The Author

Songs I Can Lose Myself In

Hey y’all! I’ve always felt that some songs were just different. They were music to me, music that made you forget where you were. Music you could get lost in. This is that music for me. The music I listen to at 1 am while sitting on the bathroom counter, trying to forget everything. Trying to pretend nothing else exists, after you fall asleep. You know who you are.

I hope this music can help you guys too.

Ophelia– The Lumineers

Closer– The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey (This song is probably my number one, I’ve been listening to it almost non-stop since last night)

New York City– The Chainsmokers

Gasoline -Halsey

Heaven Knows– The Pretty Reckless

I Hate Everything About You– Three Days Grace

Bloom– The Paper Kites

Electric Love– BORNS

Tongue Tied– Grouplove

Come Around– Rosi Golan

Tell me if you love any of these songs like I do! Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author



My Top 10 Songs of The Moment

Hey y’all! So I decided to do a post on the music that I can’t stop listening to right now! Also, I listen to country music so…

  1. T-Shirt by Thomas Rhett.
  2. Holy by Florida Georgia Line.
  3. Somewhere On A Beach  by Dierks Bentley
  4. Humble and Kind by Tim Mcgraw
  5. Beautiful Drug  by the Zac Brown Band
  6. Fix by Chris Lane
  7. Church Bells by Carrie Underwood
  8. Snapback by Old Dominion
  9. From the Ground Up by Dan + Shay
  10. Head Over Boots by Jon Pardi
  1. Even if you don’t like country music usually, you should try these out 🙂

I’m just gonna go jam out to country radio on the way to my Dr. appointment. See y’all later. Love you guys! -Aspen AKA The Girl Who Is Obsessed With This Music

About To Throw Up


Hey y’all, soooooo tomorrow is tryouts for Chamber orchestra at my high school.
I’m super super nervous since we have to sight read, and since I can’t feel my hands I have to memorize music and then watch my hands in order to play. But it’s also a blind audition so I can’t really get an exception…. plus I’m not sure if that’s fair…..
If I don’t make it into Chamber I’ll have to choose between debate 2 and concert orchestra since they’re in the same class period



I marked the places where I have to shift into 4th and 7th position just in case and then I can hit the grace notes pretty well…. but still

Playing has gotten so much harder since I lost feeling in my hands and it’s been ridiculously frustrating.

Oh well, there’s nothing else I can do except to keep trying. I’ll keep you guys updated on how it goes…..

ALSO I had a doctors appointment yesterday and the neurologist told me that she doesn’t think we’re ever going to find an answer which had also been just DANDY.

I’ve got to finish eating and then practice a bit before bed.

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Nervous Cellist

Blogmas Day 9: Music!

In honor of my orchestra concert this evening I thought that’d I do a list of my favorite Christmas songs/arrangements  for the 9th day of Blogmas.

In no particular order:

– Mr. Grinch from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

-Where are You Christmas from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

-Carol of The Bells by Tran-Siberian Orchestra

– I’m Coming Home For Christmas covered by Michael Buble

– Mary Did You Know by various artists

-Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Frank Sinatra

– Blue Christmas by Elvis Presley

– God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by various artists

-Do You See What I See by various artists

– Silent Night by various artists

Hope you liked it! What Christmas songs so ya’ll like?

Love ya’ll and Merry Christmas Eve^15

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