Epiphanies and Prom

Hey y’all! So Happy Valentines Day, I hope you had a good one. I had a good time, we had my favorite food for dinner (7-Up chicken) and my dad bought me my own pie (my favorite-double lemon cream obviously) and we went and watched Split (which if you know me, then you know I’m fascinated by serial killers)

I guess that’s enough of that, another topic of discussion is that I got asked to prom.


I put a picture but it says, “It’d be so sweet if you’d go to prom with me” with a bunch of candy conversation hearts that had letters of his name on them. One of my good friends that I’ve known since 7th grade asked me which is really cool, and I’m excited to go! I am just stuck in finding an idea on how to respond… if you have any ideas please comment them down below. And shout out to Sav for the other ideas, I’m still considering the fortune cookie one.

That night while I was driving home from dropping Lauren off at home, Ryann and I were just laughing because she called that I would get asked legit the first week of school and I denied it up and down, but here we are xD (She claims she has Aspen senses)

Are any of you going to prom or any version of it? If not, have you been in the past or would you like to go?

I’m gonna head to bed, I’ve been exhausted lately. Goodnighttt.

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author

How School’s Going So Far

Hey y’all! So today was the 3rd day of school, and also picture day. I woke up at 5:45 to curl my freaking hair which took soooo much effort let me tell you. But funny story, while I was in one of the lines waiting to get my picture taken, I looked over at another photographer.

And low and behold, it was one of my 2nd cousins, I wasn’t 100% sure because I had no idea she did anything like that (she’s  my mom’s cousin’s daughter) . So I switched into her line, just in case. When I handed her the money form with my name on it she went, “It is you!” So we talked about our family while she took my picture, and she fixed it all up, so I actually don’t hate it for once!

Besides that, I’ve been reading and annotating the Scarlet Letter for English class, and it’s actually quite interesting. Plus our teacher is hilarious, so that’s great.

I also spent the night memorizing all the anatomical planes and positions for my medical anatomy class, which is a pain, but I got them all down, so it’s not too bad. I’m pretty good at memorizing terms, and since these go with movements (Duh, it’s the way our bodies MOVE) it’s even easier. Here I’ll teach you some, if you point your toes down, that’s called plantarflexion, and if you point them up it’s called dorsiflexion. Also if you  move a body part away from your body, it’s abduction, but moving it towards your body is adduction. But that’s only a few since our bodies are very complex.

Tomorrow my friends and I are planning on going to the JV football game which should be exciting. And by exciting I mean horrible because I love football so much, and our school teams SUCK. SO. BAD.

But speaking of football, college ball starts soon!! I’m so excited to go watch the Utes play!

Random comment, tomorrow I’m planning on wearing my shirt that says “I followed my heart and it led me to the fridge” which is pretty legit and completely true.

And LASTLY, my uncle from Arizona is flying in on Friday so we are spending the weekend in the cabin at Bear Lake AKA my favorite place on Earth. And guess what?! Lauren is coming with me this time!!! If you can’t tell, I’m very excited. I’ll be sure to post about it when it happens!

Till then, love y’all!- Aspen AKA The Author


Welcome Back… To Hell 

Hey y’all! Welcome to the first blog post written in school of the year! Yep, today school started. 

It really sucks that summer is over, but today has actually been a pretty good day. Well after I tried to make Ryann drag us to Vegas instead of here. 

But, Lauren and I have tons of class together and Ry and Bex have a few with us too! Plus on A days we ALL have lunch together with Jordynn. 

I’m pretty excited for this year. Now that I’m a junior I can do all the fun stuff which is awesome. I also don’t have to walk home because we can driiiive (And being able to date was supposed to be the  exciting part of turning 16). 

These are the classes I’m taking: 

– Spanish 4 honors (With Ry and Laur) 

Homeroom is once a week and it’s the same class for 3 years but Bex and I have it together 🙂 

– Medical Anatomy  (With Laur)

-English Honors (With Ry, Laur, and Bex)

-Biology (With Laur)

And then on B days I have:

-Seminary (Basically church in school, but in a different building on campus) 

-AP U.S. History (With Ry, Laur, and Bex)

-Math of some kind… AP Stats I think 

-Orchestra (With Laur) 
Tell me what classes you guys are taking below, love y’all! 

-Aspen AKA An Official Junior! 

How To: Survive A Day Of School [Told By A Baby Elephant Rights Activist]

Hey y’all! So I know it’s taken me forever to get this post up, but it’s finally here! Make sure to follow, like, and comment I love getting to know all of you!

And here we go:

Object 1: Food

The first part of this is to bring some sort of breakfast if you don’t eat in the morning. I grab things like yogurt and breakfast bars, muffins, etc.

The second part, is snacks. Snacks are essential, and I can’t stress that enough. Goldfish are my personal favorite, but anything works. Just keep them in Ziploc baggies in your backpack, and you’re good to go!

Object 2: Headphones

This one isn’t as necessary, but in classes where it’s allowed I love jamming out while doing my work. *Cough* debate *Cough*

Object 3: Phone Charger

Somehow, my phone always loses charge during the day. I plug it in during our TA period and whatever other classes I sit by an outlet in.

Object 4: Gum

I love, love, love, having gum at school. You just can’t really tell anyone that you have it xD Greedy suckers always asking for my last piece 😉

Object 5: Cell phone

Okay, so as much as I love talking to my friends during class, I use my phone to look things up, check my grades, and ask about assignments.

These are a few tips:

1. If you have certain classes on different days (My school has A & B days) then only take your stuff for one day to save your back.

2. Always keep a easily accessed pocket filled with a pen(s) and or pencils.

3. If you’re absent get those assignments ASAP.

4. If you can’t figure out something then look other places.
Does the teacher have a website?
Do you have friends who take that class?
Can you find the answer online?

5. Realize that you have questions NO ONE can answer. And that all the things you’ve been learning are almost completely useless.

6. And then cry, just like you did last week when you had the same realization.

7. Then have the other identical realization that you have to just get over yourself because it’s only three years.

8. Then cry because it’s only three years and your not ready to grow up yet. College sounds exciting, but a day job? Not so much. *Shivers*.

9. And finally, once someone notices that your having a quarter-life crisis make up some stupid excuse as to why you were crying.

10. Smile crazily at this poor person you previously gave the excuse to because apparently the fact that parent elephants can’t pay for their  baby elephants to go to the doctor because they fell off of their unicycles isn’t sad.

Hahaha hah well I hope you liked this. The first part is serious btw, but I like how the second part ended.

Love y’all-Aspen AKA Baby Elephant Rights Activist 😉

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