Hey y’all. Wow.

I’m currently sitting in the library of my college “studying” for finals which finish next week. One week, and my freshman year of college is over. Crazy. It’s been a busy, long, rough week. My boyfriend came to visit for 2 weeks for my birthday and it was SO much fun. We went to Kanab and spent time with my family, and even spent a night in Vegas together! He left on Sunday which just makes everything harder. It’s really difficult to go from such a high one morning to being alone studying for finals within a day.

I’m also packing everything that I own up so that I can move out this weekend. I’ll sleep at my best friend’s apartment for the few days left until finals are over and then drive home for the summer. I’m really excited to be able to spend time with my little brother and all my cousins. And then later this summer I get to go back to London (so insane) but on the way back, instead of getting on the plane alone, I get to hold Ewan’s hand, knowing that I never have to say goodbye for that long again which BLOWS MY MIND.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how much my life has changed in the last few weeks, months, or even year. Within the last few weeks i have nearly finished all of my classes, found out I’m going to see Kesha in concert (LITERALLY A DREAM, MY BEST FRIEND IS THE BEST) and we have planned our trip to Canada! It’s going to be Lauren’s first time out of the United States and its going to be a freaking blast, I love road trips with her (and I get to cross another country off my list)!

OH! And I almost forgot, I turned 19!

Within the last year, I have graduated from high school, traveled to Europe, met the love of my life, started college, spent Christmas in London, made many memories with my new friends and my best friend, and so many more. As excited as I am for summer and the next year to come, I’ll never forget this one. All of the skype calls, all of the late nights studying, watching way too much Beat Bobby Flay, hammocking, singing in the car, and so much laughing.

As difficult as it has been I am so grateful for everything I’ve experienced and learned this year. I am so lucky to have the people in my life that I do, and I can’t wait to make even more memories with them!

Hopefully I survive finals week and make it to next semester, wish me luck.

Love y’all! – Aspen AKA The Author



Hey everyone! 

I can’t believe it’s December and my first semester of college is almost over! Finals week is technically next week, but I have 2 this week too. My biology lab final was Monday and I think it went okay?? I have til Saturday to take my final for medical terminology and my last chapter test for human development. Then next week I  have my biology final, human development final, Spanish final, and psychology final before I get to head home for break!

I got one of the BEST early Christmas presents ever today! My biology teacher decided that since we’re behind, instead of taking the last chapter test AND a comprehensive final- the final is going to be the last chapter test!! I am honestly SO excited, the bio final was my biggest source of stress because my professors tests NEVER MATCH what he teaches in class. But now I have to study like crazy to do really well on this test. 

Another INSANE thing is that its now exactly 2 weeks until I’m in freaking LONDON again! I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on my blog yet actually, but basically instead of driving home to SLC and hibernating in my bedroom after eating a billion of my mom’s sugar cookies (pure heaven, honestly), I am going to be hopping on a plane and flying back to the city I was in exactly 6 months ago as of today! Something even crazier (somehow) is that I am going to be staying with my boyfriend and his family.

I have SO much to do but I’m also SO excited for the next few weeks! How are your finals going? 

What You May Gain by Traveling Europe

Hey y’all! So like I mentioned in my last post about graduation- the last month or so has kind of changed a lot of things about my life. First off my grandparents told me a few days ago I can’t live with them anymore so I’ve been scrambling to find somewhere to live before the 2nd week of August??? (Just me, I swear I legit have the worst luck in the universe)


ANYWAYS I did have the amazing chance to travel to 5 European countries for my senior trip with my family for most of June. It definitely made this summer memorable, so without further adieu, here is a list of things you may gain if you travel Europe.


  1. Catch phrases your grandparents use, primarily being, “Let’s blow this popsicle stand” which may or may not now be included in my everyday vocabulary.
  2. One less favorite earring, ( I know it’s backwards, but I’m bitter. Stupid Paris.)
  3. Really weird tan lines because said countries don’t have the same weather. And also your favorite sandals happen to make the letter “Z” on the top of your feet.
  4. The ability to walk 10 miles a day because your father is insane.
  5. Also the ability to live on 1-2 meals a day because said father thinks he needs a picture of every old building.
  6. If you live somewhere with free public restrooms, you will definitely gain a deeper appreciation of them.
  7. Extreme thirst, because paying for water is weird.
  8. Approximately 5,000 pictures because admittedly, all the old buildings are pretty cool.
  9. New random friends who help you figure out the train systems in multiple countries.
  10. An obsession with gelato.
  11. A British boyfriend*
  12. A knack for train systems because after 3 weeks you’re basically a pro ( and you miss your car)
  13. A new sense of confidence from seeing so many people in so many places just going on with their lives and rocking on with their bad selves, and realizing you can too.
  14. A new phone, because yours got stolen on a bus in Greece.
  15. SO many memories (good, bad and everything in between) that I’ll have with me for a longggg time.


*I know, no one is as surprised as I am xD

All in all, it was a veryyy long, educational, fun, and crazy trip! This summer has definitely been the most adventurous one yet. What do you guys gain from traveling whenever you go, either good or bad? I love y’all!

-Aspen AKA The Author


Hey y’all! Well it’s only been about a month since I last wrote yet my life has completely changed in the last few weeks. I just got home from my 3 week trip around Europe ( but that’s a post for next time)

3 days before I left for Europe I GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL!!

It’s one of the days you always think about and know is coming, but never think will happen. The whole experience was surreal. Before the ceremony I was sitting in a hallway with around 1500 other girls I had just spent the last 3 years of my life with. Hundreds of people I had befriended, made jokes with, or shared notes with. Many of them I spoke to on a daily basis.And 5 of them I stood next to wondering how we survived high school. Compared to many others,  I would say my friend group went through some very difficult things and we somehow stuck together.

The ceremony itself was actually really great, Lauren and I sat next to this hilarious kid who kept talking about how he was going to get wasted . Our principal is switching schools next year so his speech was actually a video that was super good! His motto (and our schools) is “we bow to no one” so at the end he got up and told us that he respected us and loved us so much and then he literally bowed to us on stage. All 800+ of us were shocked to say the least. ALSO, I surprisingly didn’t trip on stage even though I was hearing heels!

After the ceremony I went to dinner with my family, but then we all met up again for Senior Sunset. Basically the school rented out a recreation center til 4 a.m. so we got to do rock climbing, basketball, volleyball, ping pong, air hockey, zumba, swimming, etc all night long. They even had karaoke and Just Dance set up, and unlimited ice cream. It was really weird to leave the building knowing that I would never see most of them ever again.

The really odd part though is that graduation didn’t hit me hard, but now being home from my trip everything just seems a little different. Maybe it’s just knowing that in less than 2 months this won’t really be home for me anymore. Today I walked up the street to one of my best friends’ houses and it hit me that the walk I’ve been making for 5 years will end.

I don’t really know how I feel about it. I’m really excited about college and meeting new people, but change is hard.

Stay tuned for my post about Europe!! Love y’all!

-Aspen AKA The Author

So Close I Can’t Believe It

Hey y’all! I’m writing this just a few hours before my last high school final EVER. Granted it’s my current least favorite subject and I’m freaking out that I’ll fail, but STILL. After this, I have 4 days of high school left until GRADUATION.

It’s still so mind blowing to me that it is so close and I am actually going to college next fall. I’ll talk more about that in a later post, but for now I’m typing mainly to calm down my nerves before this test.

On Thursday my main group of friends and their families are coming over to my house for a barbecue and I’m so excited! This year it’s been rare that we’re all together at the same place, and after this I don’t know when I’ll see all of them next which is terrifying. They mean the world to me and we have become so close these past years.

After graduation, is my family party which I am also really excited for. On my mom’s side I’m the oldest and therefore, the first one to graduate so it’s pretty cool for everyone. And on my dad’s side I’m still only the 2nd one to graduate.

And then 3 days after graduation, my parents, me, my little brother, and my grandparents are flying to EUROPE FOR A MONTH. I am so stoked, this is the first time any of us have left the continent. We are going to London,  Normandy and Paris, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Greece.

The last & next few months have been, and will be the craziest of my entire life thus far. Not only did I become an adult, and I’ll finish high school and start college, but I’m also moving away from the life I’ve known for 18 years.

I’m terrified but also so excited for what’s coming next. Let me know if any of you have any exciting summer plans below!

Love y’all (Wish me luck on this math final!),

-AKA Aspen


Hey y’all! It’s been a crazy past few weeks, but they’ve also been super fun! Like 3 weeks ago, Lauren and I went to Disneyworld for HOSA Nationals.

Our flight didn’t land until 11:30 or so as far as I remember, but by the time we checked in and got into our hotel room it was 2 am, and we were starving. But everything was closed and since we couldn’t leave Disney property, we starved all night until 6:30 the next morning when Lauren and I woke up to head to Animal Kingdom.


First we went on the Safari, and it was really cool, all of the animals were really close up!


After that, we watched The Circle of Life, which is just a show about the Lion King and that was also really cool. The monkeys did an acrobatic routine that was really fun to watch!

We also went on a lot of the rides and our favorites by far were the Dinosaur and Everest, because it’s an actual roller coaster and I love heights.



We decided to hop over to Hollywood Studios that same day and went on a lot of the rides they had along with the Indiana Jones stunt show. We went on Star Tours like 3x in a row because it was air conditioned xD


To finish off the night we watched the Fantasmic show and it was awesome! It had fireworks and all the classic music, and they even set the lake on fire.

The next day we went to Epcot before opening ceremonies, and it ended up being our favorite park. All of the countries were so cool, and we loved the ride Soarin’. On the way back to the hotel we decided to take the monorail which ended up being a huge mistake and we got lost in Magic Kingdom somehow. On the bright side, we talked to one of the security guards who was from Scotland but knew about the rivalry between BYU and Utah and made us laugh even when we were freaking out.


After opening ceremonies we went to Magic Kingdom with out roommates for the extra magic hours and got to go on Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain with literally no line, it was great.


Thursday we had competition so afterwards we spent the day just chilling at the hotel and then headed over to Disney Springs, it was really fun to see something like that because we have places like that in Utah but the atmosphere was so different.

Friday, we made the insane decision to try and hit every single park in one day. We started with Magic Kingdom and breakfast at Be Our Guest (a really cool experience btw) It was blasted hot that day so waiting in line felt like forever, especially Splash Mountain because the wait was like an hour and a half, but that’s a classic and it was fun so it was worth it in the end. The mine train was also a really fun one. On the way out we grabbed an infamous Dole Whip and headed back to Hollywood.

In Hollywood we went straight for Tower of Terror which was one of my favorite rides, I love heights and the parts where your just free falling are sooo fun. Next we ran (almost literally) to Rockin’ Rollercoaster which was also super fun. it plays Aerosmith music and goes super fast.

Next on the list was Epcot, because we had a few more countries to see and presents to buy for our families. We found bracelets in China with the year of the snake (the year they were born) on them, and I got my dad a maraca and a hacky sack from Mexico. We also ended up getting ourselves matching carved rings in Mexico too that say “Laur” and “Asp”.


Finally we made it to Animal Kingdom, feeling half dead. I was seriously walking on my tip toes my feet hurt so bad. The whole reason we decided to hit all 4 parks again was to go on the Avatar ride in the new world Pandora that just barely opened. The whole entire section as SO COOl.  Since it was dark everything glowed, and all the lamps were black lights. The line itself took 2 hours, but thankfully we had this cute family with a 6 year old boy and his older sister to keep us busy the whooole time. He talked our ears off, but he was hilarious and it took my mind off my feet.

Throughout the line the whole thing was set up to look like a lab with an avatar in a chamber and everything, the ride was essentially you syncing up with an Avatar to ride a banshee and it was AMAZING. It was 4D and I would honestly go back just for that ride, I’m SO glad we decided to go back for it.


Saturday we slept in for so long and then went to the waterpark! They had some pretty good slides and the water was so nice because it was so hot. The wave pool was also really cool, but it was MASSIVE and we almost died a few times. I know I got hit in the head by some flying children for sure.

After closing ceremonies we headed back to the hotel to pack and Face time Ryann until 1 am, which was also really fun just to talk to her and have time to actually talk since everything wasn’t so busy.

We had to leave to the airport at 4 am so we only got 45 minutes of sleep, but it’s okay because we were all so ready to come home. It was funny how all of us said that we missed the mountains since Florida is so flat. I got some really cool pictures of the mountains as flew over them!

Ryann came to the airport with my mom to pick us up and brought us Beto’s breakfast burritos (basically pure heaven), chocolate milk, and flowers because she’s literally the best. She even stayed with me all day to repack since I left the next day for Red Cross camp.


I had so much fun and I’m SO thankful that I got to go, and that I got to do it with Lauren. It’s definitely something I’ll never forget.

I hope you’re having a great summer! Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author

2016 Blogger Awards – My Nominations!

Hey y’all! Sorry I’m so behind on posting this, life is crazy and it’s taking forever to pick people for each category. However, I’m super excited to write this, I love the idea! To nominate your favorite bloggers, everything is on this page.

Sidenote: Just because I don’t nominate you does NOT mean I don’t absolutely love you with all  my heart, as I mentioned above this was really hard in the first place.

P.S. My little brother just told me he thinks I have the blog of the century (like awww)

Okay sorry I’ll stop rambling, now onto the nominations:

Blogger of the Year: Elm from Just Elm. Elm has been here ever since I first started blogging, and she has also always been here as my friend since then. She’s just overall a great person who sometimes tries to help other a little too much  😉 It has to mean something if virtually everyone around here knows who she is, right? Plus I connect with the whole tree thing… (P.S. I am definitely NOT her ex-boyfriend xD)

Blog of the Year: The Artistics. Okay so this is kind of cheating since I’m part of it, but shh. I just think that it’s grown so much in the past year, and has a totally different element than other blogs that are around. Different people sharing different ideas, but all in the same place! Plus we have a magazine because we’re like totally cool, and the other people are great.

Kindest BloggerGioia from My Crazy World of Books Blog. Absolutely, 100%, no questions about it. Gioia is the kindest, sweetest person I have ever met in my entire life. She’s always there for me with a pick me up and a smile. She apologizes for talking about herself, and always makes me feel special. I am so grateful to have a friend, and an example like her.

Most Approachable Blogger: Fibit from well,  Fibit.  He’s so easy to talk to and always willing to offer up what seems so simple advice. You’ll definitely want to add him to your arsenal of friends if you haven’t already. He’s really funny and just great in general 🙂

Best New Blogger: Edge from Edgy Concept. His blog is really cool guys, it’s really different. Plus he’s a pretty okay person even if he doesn’t like pineapple on pizza. Nah, I’m kidding he’s really great. I love being able to have out of the norm conversations with someone, and  he’s definitely a good person for just that.

Most Positive Blog: Teenella from uh, Teenella. I haven’t talked to her much, but I’ve always known of her and seen some of the things she’s done. She just seems super sweet, and spreads positivity. Especially with her new Secret Santa project!

Most Helpful Blogger:  Liv, from the  Inspirational Dreamer . She’s not blogging anymore and she used to always be here, so it’s a little different to not have her around. But we still talk almost daily and she’s still amazing and willing to help with anything. Just knowing that she still cares is enough to make me feel better 🙂  So even if there won’t be any new posts, the old ones are definitely still worth reading.

Best Looking Blog: Colby from Dreams and Movie Screens. I don’t know how she got the cat to do the thing it does, but it’s SO cute. And I don’t even like cats. And the colors just compliment each other really well.

Most Relatable Blog: Allie from The Wondrous Life of Allie M. I always find myself relating to what she says whether its just talking to her or reading her posts!  She writes about things that I can connect with which is really cool! Go check out her blog!

Most Creative Blogger: Jerrod from Its Jerrod. This past year he created a joint blog called The Artistics which is based on creativity. He puts so much work into this blog and his own it’s crazy! I’ve loved being a part of the joint blog, and have got to see up close how much devotion he has to blogging.

Funniest Blogger: Abi from The Punk Butterfly. I always find myself laughing at the randomest things she writes because it’s totally something I would say! She’s just funny in general, and I love a good mix of sarcasm and humor.

The Wildcard: Liss & Dani from Life of Teen Girls. It seems like they’ve been around forever. I always look forward to seeing their posts. I’ve always thought it was cool that they started a blog together, and I’ve loved becoming good friends with the both of them 🙂




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