The Girl Dying Without Her Twin

Hey ya’ll. I’m really hoping to get a good post AND a Blogmas post up tomorrow before 2:00.
Because then I get to babysit my little cousins OVERNIGHT until the next afternoon. One’s 8, one’s 5, and one is 17 months so it’s going to be alot of fun!
Today I went to volunteer at the Road Home which is my local homeless shelter. I went with 18 other people from debate team including one of my best friends Bex that I’m sure you’ve heard of.
We went through and organized all of the donations outside in the cold the entire time, but it was actually super fun. My new friend that we’ll call Harper (Like Harper Lee)ย  and I formed a box building team of just the two of us. And since I was the only one out of the whole group who could work the tape gun I earned the title of Tape Gun Goddess. I wear my title proudly XD.
Afterwards we all took a picture withย  Santa Claus too!

Bex and I drove up with Harper and her boyfriend, but we got stuck in the parking garage so she was half crawling half lying over his lap to get to the assistance button. One kid in the car said , “Geez guys get a room.”
And Bex was like, “They can’t, we’re stuck in a parking garage.”
All in all, it was hilarious and ahh they’re a cute couple, but very entertaining for sure.

After I got home I (attempted) to take a nap and then my mom, dad, and I went to visit my “twin” in the hospital since she got jaw surgery today. In all honesty it was already about 7:00 and they weren’t gonna take me, but I had an emotional breakdown because I had to make sure she was okay so we ended up going……
She was super swollen and has to wear this thing they call a jaw bra that holds the ice in place. She obviously can’t talk, and she won’t be able to open her mouth for a few weeks. She was writing on a notebook today and I’m planning on getting her a whiteboard, but we communicate pretty well through just facial expressions. According to her mom I speak Lauren, but we call it Twin ๐Ÿ™‚
Aaahhhh guys I felt so bad, even though I know she’s gonna be okay. She’s hurt a lot, but I’ve gotten used to being the sick one lately XD
Is it odd that me finding out I’m dying and that she’s in lots of pain are almost equally depressing for me?
At least she seemed pretty happy that I came, and that’s what the main purpose was, so mission accomplished ๐Ÿ™‚
I don’t know when I’ll visit her next, but it’ll probably be within the next few days.
At least she gets to go home tomorrow, right?
Long story short, I love her alot and just want to make sure she’s okay like she always does for me ๐Ÿ™‚

I love ya’ll, if you ever need anything be sure to let me know.
-(I haven’t done this in forever) Aspen aka The Author aka the girl dying without her twin (Literally if you say the dying girl without her twin XD)

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