Hey everyone! 

I can’t believe it’s December and my first semester of college is almost over! Finals week is technically next week, but I have 2 this week too. My biology lab final was Monday and I think it went okay?? I have til Saturday to take my final for medical terminology and my last chapter test for human development. Then next week I  have my biology final, human development final, Spanish final, and psychology final before I get to head home for break!

I got one of the BEST early Christmas presents ever today! My biology teacher decided that since we’re behind, instead of taking the last chapter test AND a comprehensive final- the final is going to be the last chapter test!! I am honestly SO excited, the bio final was my biggest source of stress because my professors tests NEVER MATCH what he teaches in class. But now I have to study like crazy to do really well on this test. 

Another INSANE thing is that its now exactly 2 weeks until I’m in freaking LONDON again! I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on my blog yet actually, but basically instead of driving home to SLC and hibernating in my bedroom after eating a billion of my mom’s sugar cookies (pure heaven, honestly), I am going to be hopping on a plane and flying back to the city I was in exactly 6 months ago as of today! Something even crazier (somehow) is that I am going to be staying with my boyfriend and his family.

I have SO much to do but I’m also SO excited for the next few weeks! How are your finals going? 

What You May Gain by Traveling Europe

Hey y’all! So like I mentioned in my last post about graduation- the last month or so has kind of changed a lot of things about my life. First off my grandparents told me a few days ago I can’t live with them anymore so I’ve been scrambling to find somewhere to live before the 2nd week of August??? (Just me, I swear I legit have the worst luck in the universe)


ANYWAYS I did have the amazing chance to travel to 5 European countries for my senior trip with my family for most of June. It definitely made this summer memorable, so without further adieu, here is a list of things you may gain if you travel Europe.


  1. Catch phrases your grandparents use, primarily being, “Let’s blow this popsicle stand” which may or may not now be included in my everyday vocabulary.
  2. One less favorite earring, ( I know it’s backwards, but I’m bitter. Stupid Paris.)
  3. Really weird tan lines because said countries don’t have the same weather. And also your favorite sandals happen to make the letter “Z” on the top of your feet.
  4. The ability to walk 10 miles a day because your father is insane.
  5. Also the ability to live on 1-2 meals a day because said father thinks he needs a picture of every old building.
  6. If you live somewhere with free public restrooms, you will definitely gain a deeper appreciation of them.
  7. Extreme thirst, because paying for water is weird.
  8. Approximately 5,000 pictures because admittedly, all the old buildings are pretty cool.
  9. New random friends who help you figure out the train systems in multiple countries.
  10. An obsession with gelato.
  11. A British boyfriend*
  12. A knack for train systems because after 3 weeks you’re basically a pro ( and you miss your car)
  13. A new sense of confidence from seeing so many people in so many places just going on with their lives and rocking on with their bad selves, and realizing you can too.
  14. A new phone, because yours got stolen on a bus in Greece.
  15. SO many memories (good, bad and everything in between) that I’ll have with me for a longggg time.


*I know, no one is as surprised as I am xD

All in all, it was a veryyy long, educational, fun, and crazy trip! This summer has definitely been the most adventurous one yet. What do you guys gain from traveling whenever you go, either good or bad? I love y’all!

-Aspen AKA The Author

Star Valley


Yes, it is actually the world’s largest arch made of elk antlers. 

Hey y’all! So this weekend my dad’s family went up to a little tiny town in Wyoming called Star Valley. We stayed Saturday and Sunday, so keep reading to hear how my weekend turned out! (Plus some pretty impressive photos, if I do say so myself).

The main reason we went up to Star Valley was because a temple was recently built there. Both of my dads grandmas were raised right around Star Valley (the towns are so tiny they have hardly any distinction- one grew up in Afton and one in Smoot) Since the temple hasn’t been dedicated yet, there is an open house where anyone can go through the entire temple.

It was definitely smaller than the temples in Utah, but it was still gorgeous.Right when you walk in there’s an amazing stained glass mosaic of Jesus Christ. My favorite rooms are the brides room and the sealing room.  The brides room is where you get ready before getting married and it was so surreal just being in there. I really wish that could be my future. But the sealing room is where couples actually get married (or sealed to their children). There’s an altar of sorts where you kneel across from each other during the ceremony which I think is really cool, but the best part is that there are two massive mirrors across from each other on the walls so that when you stand up, you see the both of you next to each other and it goes on forever. This is symbolic of our belief in eternal marriage/ families.

If you guys want to see the inside- I’ll have the link to the pictures below.

Here’s some pictures of us all dressed up and the temple itself:



The view just to the right of the temple 

Me, my brother, cousin Aliyah, and our grandma and practically grandpa

The inscription on all of the temples says, “Holiness to the Lord- The House of the Lord”


Before the temple we went up to the graveyard in Afton where my grandma’s parents and some of her siblings are buried. On the way back, she showed us the church where my great grandparents met.


My great grandpa had heard that there were some cute girls up in Afton, and since it was Sunday they headed to the church. My  great grandma told her friends that she wasn’t talking to the boys until after she went to church. Meanwhile, he was telling his buddy that she was the most beautiful girl he’d ever met, and that he was going to marry her. Well, after church, she walked right past him and straight home. So he had to talk to enough people to track her down, and showed up on her doorstep. And the rest is history 🙂

That day, we also went to the above mentioned great grandma’s second house which is this odd cute little green thing- the only thing I remember from the inside is the pink toilet.


By the way, this isn’t my last name 

Me and my mom 

The other few things we saw was the church my great grandparents used to go to- and the sign about Mormons in Star Valley. In the picture with the sign, you can see a white star on the hill on the left.



We really didn’t do much else on Saturday other than going to eat- but I had a great time! My cousin and I are are super close but she moved to Kanab to live with my grandma for senior year which is about  4 hours away. I haven’t seen her since summer, so it was awesome to see her!

ALSO- if you guys want to check out pictures of the inside of the temple, the link is right here! I highly recommend you check it out- it’s gorgeous.

Thanks for reading the long post- I hope you made it! There will be a part 2 about what we did Sunday, so be on the lookout for that. Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author