The Great Debate


Hey ya’ll. Well as you may know, I play cello. The picture above is actually my own that I’ve had for about 2 months now.
I love this thing and it has worked amazing for me!
The problem is that he doesn’t have a name. Yes, he. Don’t ask how I know he’s a guy, I just do. Call it cellist instinct, or musician instinct for that matter.
Anyways he really needs a name that fits and he’s more of a classy, deep, mysterious type of cello.
I was thinking some sort of Victorian name maybe.

Anyways, I need ideas! So comment down below!!!!!!


12 Replies to “The Great Debate”

  1. Deep and mysterious? Definitely….Bart! Nah just kidding, maybe Edward or Jacob? Haha though I do hate twilight…hmm…Charles? Arthur? William? Henry? Ahh the lovely power of Google…

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  2. I’m so uncreative that I have no ideas, but some of the names suggested here are great 😀 Did you decide on a name? The cello is such a beautiful instrument, one I would have considered playing if I didn’t choose the flute!

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