A Recording! (With Lauren) A NEW SERIES

Hey y’all! Today Lauren decided that she wanted to talk to all of you so we did a recording. Apparently she likes seeing her name on my blog all the time and needed to make an official appearance.

We did a little Q&A and have also made the OFFICIAL DECISION to do Weekly Summer Recordings every Tuesday! So be sure to leave questions that you want answered (any topic! below)

And without further adieu here are the recordings!

1st Recording

This second one is the final question…

2nd Recording

Thanks for watching guys, we hope you enjoyed it! Make sure to comment down below a question that we can answer for next week’s Summer Recording!

Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author (& Lauren 🙂



2 Replies to “A Recording! (With Lauren) A NEW SERIES”

  1. Hey Aspen,
    I know there haven’t been any comments. And I’m sorry about that but I will make a guess that most of the people weren’t able to listen to the recordings on dropbox. I myself have tried but I wasn’t able to open it. But just wait. Probably there’s a problem with dropbox that will be soon solved. Hey and see we all love ya even if it doesn’t work. And Lauren hey I say. Bye

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