Friends, Football, Freaks, and Free Pie


Hey y’all! I have to leave in about 15 minutes to my grandmas house because the whole family is meeting up for dinner. My mom and I made her famous sugar cookies into super cute Halloween and fall shapes for all the kids to decorate. It’s a tradition, and I love it.

Anyways, I am here to tell you what happened last night. It all started at the football game, Utah was playing Arizona. My brother didn’t come to this one, so I invited Lauren.  Arizona scored on the first play. So the entire crowd was in a bad mood already, but then we started doing good again and the STUPID FREAKING REFEREES were ridiculous! There were 2 times when we could have made a touchdown but Arizona’s player blocked our receiver illegally. And apparently the refs didn’t know that its called a pass interference. They were so dumb, we were all chanting, “Refs you suck, refs you suck” over and over again. We started scoring because we rock, and Arizona was being ridiculous (they play so dirty man) and the guy who sits behind us was calling them desert chickens because they were being cowards and it was hilarious. In the end, we won! And it was our head coaches Kyle Whittingham’s 100th career win!! (Sidenote: We are on our 5th string running back, because the first one retired mid season and the other 3 all got injured yesterday, pray for us)

Okay, football rant over xD

So after the Utes game we decided to go to Denny’s and it was around 12:30 am.
It was completely packed so Lauren and I went to the bathroom on when we came out there was this lady in the hallway thing laughing hysterically. My mom couldn’t get in the bathroom because it wouldn’t open and so she asked me if I locked it. And I was like, “yes mom I locked you out of a public bathroom” and the lady cracks up even more but it’s all chill, we just go back to our seats all normal like and order our food.

So at our table was my parents, me, Lauren, my dad’s friend, and his son.

To the left of us was a table of extent drunk dudes singing Katy Perry and one of them kept going off about avocado so when he got his avocado he was literally fist pumping and they kept saying the weirdest things. And one had a patch on the back of his Jean jacket that said “Alcoholica”

Then all of a sudden a waiter comes around and gives Lauren and I pie and tells us it’s from the lady in the bathroom. So we look up and a few tables over she’s staring at us. So we’re weirded out but eat it anyways and she continues go stare at us.

And then right across from us is a table of parents with a guy about our age with his Utes hoodie  pulled up over his nose and he glared at us the entire time. It looked like he wanted to hit me or something.

And then the table on the left of angry boy had 2 ladies and one guy. Throughout the night the 2 ladies kept looking at Lauren and I too. So we’re all getting kinda weirded out and have no idea what’s going on and it was just really weird but later on my dad heard one of the ladies tell her friend to stop looking at us because we were probably only 16.

By the time we left I was extremely creeped out and just wanted to crawl into bed. But at least I had a funny story to post…. ( the life of a blogger…)

I’m headed to my grandma’s to eat, thank goodness, I’m starving! Be on the lookout for 2 more posts I have planned! Love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author




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