Abandoned by who?

Abandoned by you. 

The one who always stayed,

Eventually left.

 The one who always healed, 

Had caused the hurt. 

This is such a dumb poem, 

Because we’ve all heard it before. 

We trust things that break us,

But that’s nothing new.

We mistake trust for faith ,

And blindly find perfection

In someone who doesn’t deserve

That kind of responsibility. 

You can’t count on one person

To save you and blame them

When they don’t. 

It’s not their job to make you smile. 

It’s not their job to keep you happy. 

When someone hurts you

They don’t always do it to be selfish. 

What if when someone hurts you 

It’s because you hurt them too? 

You excpected them to save you,

But they needed a little saving too.