People Like Them 

Hey y’all! I’m sorry I’ve missed like 4 days of Blogmas, I’ve had so much homework and apparently I’m sick now. 

But today I’m back to share what I did on Sunday! 

Me and my family  (plus our family friends) drove up to a place called  Candy Cane Corner to volunteer. Candy Cane Corner is where homeless parents can go to pick out clothes and presents (all of which have been donated) for their family during Christmas time. 

In previous posts I’ve mentioned how we spent a ton of money (about $17,000 because of Amy’s work) and all of the things we brought came to this “store” which is actually a warehouse. 

So as volunteers our job was to sort through all of the donations and then to stock all of the shelves. Put things in the right places, mark off barcodes  (so they can’t be returned), etc. The other job is to wrap the gifts that have already been picked but I didn’t do that this year. 

At one point a manager lady came to the back to bring more donations and was talking to my little brother  (he was marking off the barcodes) as I was walking past to get a box. Turns out the family that had just came in lost their little boy who was about 5 or 6 and donated all of the Christmas presents he would have gotten this year. 

Goosebumps immediately covered my entire body as I just stood in shock for a moment. I couldn’t even imagine going through that. And these heartbroken parents were so kind to donate those gifts. And no matter how sad this may make me, I am so glad to know that people like this exist. And I wish the best to them. 

I hope you all can take the time to recognize those who do good when struggling themsleves. And if that is you, know that it does make a difference. 

I love y’all! -Aspen AKA The Author 


5 Replies to “People Like Them ”

  1. Ah wow this is so good to help. I really want to get involved in something like this ❤
    Can I just say that I love how your posts are filled with photos!! I love blogs where there's lots of pictures as well as the writing 🙂 xx

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